BB9’s Sheila Purportedly NOT In BB11 House….

Hey all you Yakksters out there, we have a little tidbit for you to nibble on in these last few days before the real BB11 action begins! Thanks go out to our own hevnlee, and you can read it here, post #56!

But, in a nutshell, short and sweet:

BigBrotherLeakOk, confirmed, Sheila BB9 will NOT be on Big Brother 11…the others we have not confirmed..more info coming soon.”


Big Brother 10’s Steven Speaks…..

Well, Steven speaks again! Check out his latest MySpace blog entry and then come on into our forums and tell us what you think!

“Well I have been ever so patiently awaiting the arrival of BB11, see the new house, houseguests etc.  If you read my first blog I said I wasn’t too happy with the houseguests, mainly because of the stereotypical gay guy that they brought back on.  I have to say that I was probably too judgemental on the show and who they picked, I am sure it is a tough job (Robyn and Bonnie, I so love you both) finding new, different and interesting people that will cause enough drama to make the show worth watching.  Anyway, I am shocked to find out what is going to happen this Thursday night, I can’t even think of a better way to describe it other then shocked, any other words would probably give away the secret.  I don’t wanna say too much and give away the show or my sources, so this is all I can give you.  If you wanna hear me describe how shocked I am before the show airs, check me out on Real Player (exact time is still pending), I am doing an interview with Chelsia on Thursday.  Then if you wanna hear my thoughts on the show and listen to a very special caller with first hand knowlege of what you just saw in episode 1 then listen to me on BBAD Blog Talk Radio at 8pm Central, immediately following the premier of the BB11.  I definately have some opinions on it all…”


An Interesting Theory on the Mystery Houseguest of Big Brother 11

With all the rumors flying around as to the identity of the mystery houseguest, some of which we published just today, we thought we’d take a moment to point out an interesting theory developing in our forums.

What IF several former Big Brother contestants were asked back for the Big Brother 11 season, all thinking they’d get a chance to play again this summer, only to find out when they got there that while it WOULD be a former houseguest that got to be the first HOH BUT the ONLY person who’d be allowed to stay and actually play in Big Brother 11 would be that winner?


UPDATE: BB10’s Jessie Rumored To Be In The House….However, Other Rumors Persist As Well…

Hey Yakksters, here’s another nugget to chew on, courtesy of Joker’s!

The rumor, posted there by a member, is this……….apparently Michelle on her Facebook has stated that she is rooting for Jessie!

We obviously can’t confirm this yet, and who knows, maybe CornerOffice will, so as usual take this with a grain of salt but he is athletic. We know that the former hg that won HOH is athletic, and is from BB10 and both of those fit Jessie….so, join us in our forums and tell us what you think!


UPDATE: Stephen also added to his blog the following:

“Make sure you listen to me on BBAD Blog Talk Radio Thursday night after BB11, A special guest will be calling in with First Hand details about the SHOCKING event that you will witness… ”

So………! And the rumor mill is FLYING now! Check this out:

“BigBrotherLeakWow, it looks like the rumors may be true! BB10 Brian, BB9 Sheila, BB8 Eric & Jessica are according to sources in the BB house!! INSANE! ”