Extended Amazing Race Commercial

I thought you all may be interested in seeing this one… I really hope Margie will be okay. When you are done viewing the video, go check out “Elimination Station” – The house the eliminated teams live in… it’s quite interesting. Thank you to HapyHouswf for pointing us to it! I didn’t even know it…


13, yep, the big twist!

Well woopie doopie, the Wild Card round is over on American Idol and the big twist revealed. As if 12 weren’t enough. Ok, I know, I am being quite the pessimist… but really, there are some in there that shouldn’t be, there are some that never made the Wild Card Round that should have, and…


American Idol, 3/4/09

Alright well, I for one was disappointed.  Lil Rounds definitly deserved to make it through, but so did Ju’not, who did not even get into the Wild Card show… but Miss Crazy Pants did?  What a crock.  I guess American Idol is doing their part to keep crazy alive!  That, and they need something to…


Well, well, well…

[singlepic ID=37 h=162 w=101 float=left] Lookie what I found… One of our members, and my husband, on their “Idol” experience. The first one (my husband) made it so it seems, and the second (iStillRock) seems to just want to hump Ryan’s leg…. [singlepic ID=40 h=162 w=101 float=right] and who is the guy licking Ryan’s ear???


Get hooked on LOST!!!

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