Let’s Yakkity Yak! May 2nd, 2010

Welcome everyone to another edition of Let’s Yakkity Yaks! In today’s edition I introduce yet another feature, called “Who’s Bringing Sexy Yak?” and yes, one person I consider sexylicious will be featured. :) But before we get down to the sexiness, I have to wonder, are you all really that sucky at finding my asshat? Lol! Noone’s found it yet, but it’s okay, not everyone can be as good as me. So let’s get to some news and gossip, shall we? Don’t forget to join us in our forums to tell us what you think!


Mr. Gwen Stefani, aka Gavin Rossdale, is speaking out now that “I’m Fading From The Spotlight So I Have To Do Something”, aka Courtney Love has opened her jaw about a supposed affair they carried on. 14646941_gwen-stefani-gavin-rossdaleAccording to MSN.com’s Wonderwall, although he doesn’t outright deny her claims, he does state that his marriage to Stefani “is fine”. This tells me a couple things. One, he did bed Love, which leads me to question his judgement and two, yeah, his judgement sucks. Seriously, why all of a sudden are all of these male celebrities going off with scags?!? Sure, this time it was awhile back but then again…..I could understand if he had bedded a Victoria’s Secret Angel or something but Courtney freaking Love?!? My god in heaven, was he desperate or something?


Don’t cough around Christina Aguilera, she’ll threaten to kill you! christina_aguilera-pink-couchAt least that’s what one reporter found out recently. In giving an interview regarding her new album, you can hear in the background a reporter coughing. You can see a look of irritation on her face, and then she says, “He coughs during my interview?!? Shoot him!” and laughs, as if that’s to say “Oh I’m only kidding….”. Bitch please! Give him a Ricola and keep on going, don’t act as though your shit don’t stink because guess what, it does. You’re beautiful, you have a voice from God, but that doesn’t mean you’re some great almighty mystical creature that mere mortals cannot cough in front of. Get the hell over yourself.