Let’s Yakkity Yak! May 4th, 2010

Hello everyone to yet another edition of Let’s Yakkity Yak! How is everyones’ week going? Hopefully as good as mine, but remember, since no one’s found the asshat picture none of you are going to be as good as me! So let’s get down to it. But remember, if you want to talk about it, you should join us here in our forums!


A new study out shows that many parents do not believe that their kids are interested in sex, but also believe that everyone elses’ kids are. salt-n-pepa-lets-talk-about-s-409886 Apparently they have a very hard time thinking about their teenagers knocking boots but see their peer group as highly sexual and sexually predatory. But according to the CDC, via an article on MSN, there were over 400 thousand births to teens aged 15 to 19 in 2006 and this is the bigger one for me, over 6 thousand for kids aged 10 to 14! And I so agree with the CDC’s next point; by viewing their kids as being holy and pure, they’re shifting the responsibility for any potential activity to others. True dat! Let me clue you in, oh disillusioned parents, your kids if not screwing already, are definitely thinking about it. THEY ARE. By denying in your own mind that they have any interest in sex, you are leading them to even more risk because they will not be educated on how to protect themselves. Yes, they’re your baby and you don’t want to think about them doing the deed but if they want to do it, they’re going to find a way and wouldn’t you want them to be educated on the subject and have means to protect themselves? Or would you rather go on denying it and then end up on Dr. Phil blaming someone else when they’re either pregnant, got someone else pregnant, or they have an STD or AIDS? Up to you, but personally I’d rather have my children protected.


So, everyone knows you don’t mess with Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates trilogy. But muggers beware! Don’t try to mug Johnny Depp or mug a friend of his either because he will step in. default_2edb_johnny-depp______Depp was in LA recently with a friend and saw they were getting mugged, so he umped into the gight. The mugger had a broken bottle and approached Depp’s friend, British singer Stephen Jones demanding money. When Depp stepped in the mugger literally said “I ain’t stealing from Captain Jack.” Tehn the mugger dropped the weapon and, get this, Depp gave him some money and told him to straighten up his life. So know this, mess with a friend of Captain Jack and you mess with Jack himself! Good job Johnny!