Let’s Yakkity Yak! May 10th, 2010. An Open Letter to Carol and Brandy of The Amazing Race 16, And Congratulations to Dan and Jordan For Winning!

Welcome back, didja miss me? Anyways, here we are again, with Let’s Yakkity Yak! And this is a special edition because I’m so disgusted by one thing I saw on last night’s finale and also so pleased with another part so I have to devote my column to just that. If you have any comments or thoughts, join us here!

Alright, so let’s start with the fun stuff. Congratulations to brothers Dan and Jordan for being the winners of The Amazing Race 16!!! dan-and-jordanSure, they were somewhat annoying here and there throughout the race, but they were true fans of the race and ran it well, deserving the win. In fact, this is the first season where I’ve liked all three teams at the end, so I didn’t mind who won. But I know that the brothers have watched every season and love this show so it’s great to see them fully realize their dream. Yes, I was a Jeff and Jordan fan and still am, love them! But aside from them, am glad to see who won the whole thing. It was truly awesome to see that they’d written down all the eliminations and non-eliminations from the season in anticipation of that last challenge. So smart and that’s what got them the win I believe. So way to go guys!