Big Brother 12 – More on the Saboteur…

According to a CBS Press Release, “one contestant will enter the Big Brother House with one goal:  To secretly wreak havoc on their fellow contestants.” Things we now know about the Saboteur via CBS: *The Saboteur will receive their suggested task from fans. *This person will enter the house as the Saboteur, playing their own…


Big Brother 12 – Anti-Jordan Strategies (Morons), New Twist, Interactive Audience Participation

[singlepic id=262 w=240 h=320 float=left] (Click the pic for a larger view) Thanks to Hamsterwatch for posting the twitpic alerting us to all of this. A new article in TV Guide gives us an interview with the guru herself, Alison Grodner and she gives us some tidbits on the new contestants. As quoted, she states that alot of the new houseguests felt Jordan didn’t earn the win and are coming in wanting to do the opposite of Jordan. Basically, be like Natalie. And that’s why they’re morons. Or at least will realize they are afterwards.

The article goes on to state that there’s going to be a new twist to this game (the saboteur as we scooped yesterday) and interactive audience participation. What this tells me is that there’s a mole, and we get a say in things. The “mole” won’t have a chance to win the money, but in some way get to sabotage things around the house. Hopefully they won’t get to purposely mess up one person’s game! And hopefully we get to tell him or her what to do some of the time! So back to why the anti-Jordan strategists are morons, or basically the pro-Natalie strategies. (Oh, and tell us what you think in our forum, here!)