American Idol: Down to Three

Well, American Idol has whittled it’s way down to the top three: Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery. James Durbin was sent packing last night, which in my opinion, was pretty surprising. In fact, just based on the poll here, it seems it surprised many. This season has actually surprised many with their eliminations.…


Survivor Recap: Will Grant Survive?

Sunday, May 15th, Survivor Redemption Island 2 hour finale!! On this weeks episode the remaining survivors gathered for the Redemption Island dual. Once again the challenge involved a knife maze and breaking a tile to retrieve puzzle pieces. Mike was first to complete the challenge, Matt was second, Andrea was third and Ralph became the…


The Amazing Race, No More Unfinished Business

[singlepic id=462 w=240 h=180 float=left]Well, the Unfinished Business is done. The Amazing Race had it’s season finale, and well, I am already in withdrawal. The sister team of Kisha and Jen walked away with the cool $1 mil prize, with The Globetrotters hot on their trail coming in second. Gary and Mallory, who had trouble with…