Survivor One World: Hear From Kourtney Moon

Kourtney Moon the 29-year-old motorcycle mechanic from Austin Texas was the first person to leave Survivor One World due to injury.  As luck would have it Kourtney broke her wrist and arm in multiple places during the first challenge of the season. Asked about her injury Kourtney replied, “The whole experience was pretty awkward.  I…


Whitney Houston, Dead at 48

As you have probably learned already, the great Whitney Houston has died. Whitney has had a notorious drug problem and a tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, Bobby Brown. Her death, for most of us, was not unexpected, but it’s still unfortunate. A 911 call came in at 3:23 Pacific time to the Beverly Hills Police…


Choices, Coming to a TV Near You

Netflix has made some terrible mistakes in the past year. First it was the idea to separate the DVD service from the streaming (with a huge price hike), then the announcement they will be splitting out the DVD and streaming companies all together, then changing their mind on that, then relegating streaming users to only one stream at a time, then…


Shake Up at the X-Factor

As you may have already heard, there has been a huge shake up at the already shaky X-Factor. First we heard about host Steve Jones not coming back. Apparently, he was let go after a dismal season as he tweeted that he was disappointed by the news calling his departure a “shame” but adding that…