Survivor: Interview with Artis Silvester

Artis Silvester the 52 year old Computer Engineer from Louisiana became the third member of the jury on Wednesday nights episode of Survivor Philippines.  Artis is an avid Survivor fan who has applied 12 times.  He is also a survivor of stage 4 cancer and is sure that he has a guardian angel watching over…


Survivor recap: Little Miss Perfect

Your Survivor Recap: Little Miss Perfect Lisa was still reeling from last tribal when she tried and succeeded in saving her ally Mike. Sensing her insecurities about “playing the game” Jonathan jumped at the chance to try and save himself by comforting the former child star who admitted to him she feels the need to…


‘Once Upon A Time:’ Red

In flashback Fairytale Land, Snow and Red are on the run from the queen’s men. They narrowly dodge them, but Red’s cloak is torn. She worries it will not protect her from shifting into a wolf during the full moon. So the two women separate and agree to rejoin in the morning. The following morning…