Chima Booted from BB House!

Thanks to for the update … Yakksters, you heard it here! Thanks to our feed updaters, we’ve been up-to-the-minute on what we’ve coined “Chima-gate.” An official statement will be released later today from CBS regarding Chima’s dismissal from Big Brother. For now, she did NOT DOR (drop out on request), she was booted. Come…


What’s the sCoup with tonight’s “Live” Eviction & “Live” Audience? AND Latest Rumors…(Updated!)

Afternoon Yakksters! It’s an uproar in the BB world today. CBS has made last-minute changes in a scramble to avoid the wrath of Chima. She has been threatening production that she will wreck havoc on the live show tonight if the “mystery” power is used to overthrow her nominations! So CBS’s solution? Tape the “live” show…or at least, that’s what we think. Earlier this morning, we noticed a message on the CBS website saying the live feeds will be down all day until 6PM PST/9PM EST. That leads us to believe BB has scrambled to tape tonight’s show to have the chance to edit out anything that Chima (or any other houseguest) would have done that might have gotten CBS in trouble if shown live. On top of that, we’re being told that CBS has turned away nearly 100 ticket holders for tonight’s live audience … So what do you think? Does this ruin the chance of what could have been one of the best Big Brother episodes of all-time? Does this ruin the chance of those who paid for the live feeds to not be able to see the aftermath of the Coup being used if there’s a lapse between the show’s taping & airing? What about the “VIPs” that will watch the show be taped? Come talk about it with us in our forums and our live feed updates and be sure to join us after the show for up-to-the minute updates & discussion!! Don’t forget to join Ahrean’s Show threads to keep up with the action as it happens with all of us!

Click on below for the latest rumors regarding tonight’s “live” show (updated as they come in)! Stick to the Yak for all your BB needs!!