POV Ceremony Yesterday, Biggest Fights in BB History Last Night!

Yakksters, we are sensing a power shift … Click below to see the latest and come talk about it with us in our forums! Discuss the aftermath of POV ceremony with us in our live feed updates! And MAN, what a night it was last night! FIVE, count them FIVE separate fights, one involving the typical water throwing, another one involving chest bumping between Kevin and Ronnie of all people, Chima and Russell went at it HARD CORE, TWICE and Jessie? He hid in the DR and the Rubber Room the whole time.

It was quite the blowout, we have to admit! Come on into our forums to read all about it! Best line of the night? Well Ahrean, one of our fearless co-leaders, has declared this exchange it:

~ Ronnie (joking) “If I don’t leave this week I’ll officially go down as the houseguest who will never leave!”

~ Jeff (joking) “If you don’t leave I’ll throw you through the window…”