Big Brother 12 – July 11th, 2010 Episode – BB Carnival Hosted by ??? the Saboteur..So Grab Some Popcorn….

Welcome back everyone! So, what did y’all  think of last night’s episode? It was interesting, to say the least, to see everything we didn’t get to see on the feeds in those annoying first several days when you know the houseguests are in the house but the feeds aren’t on yet. So let’s get down to it and thanks again to Ahrean, for transcribing the show in a play by play as it happened. You can always check her show threads here! And don’t forget, she has a game running along with her show threads!

Here’s her posts from last night:

Previously, on Big Brother…….13 strangers began a battle for a half million dollars……the first twist of the summer changed, everything, hg’s being told about the Saboteur……and the Saboteur declared everyone a target….showing Saboteur video, first one……..before the HOH competition Andrew volunteered to sit out……and a surprise made him a strong suspect….showing him being immune from first eviction….the HOH competition had the hg’s holding hot dogs for dear life and Hayden seized the moment becoming HOH…….back inside the Saboteur struck and some peopels’ actions aroused suspicions….when the lights came on everyone was a victim, SR locked up… will the house react with Saboteur on the loose and who will Hayden nominate? Find out tonight on Big Brother!
Showing the Saboteur video now, with the SR door locked up.

Big Brother 12 – Summer of Sabotage – Let The Moley Mayhem Begin!!!

Hey everybody, less than one hour to showtime! Come on over to our section for Ahrean’s Live Show Recap threads, found here and join us as she types out what happens, as it happens. An added bonus, you can be part of her exclusive Mystery Game, that you will find out about in the thread and you get the highest chances of winning if you’re in her threads as she types them!

So join us for a Summer of Sabotage and watch as the Moley Mayhem begins!


Big Brother 12…..It’s ON!!!!

Tonight’s the night ladies and gentlemen! In just under 11 hours, CBS will show the premiere episode of Big Brother 12….are you excited?!?

Come check out our forums to see all we have to offer! We have live feed updates, we have SO many different games to offer this season, and most of all we have the liveliest discussions you’re ever going to find on the internet! Plus, watch later today for an announcement from Ahrean regarding her World Wide Web famous live show threads, where she types what happens as it happens! Speaking of our games too, we also have Big Brother X, an interactive online Big Brother Game as well as the Mystery Live Show Thread game which premieres tonight. You have to be in her thread as it’s being typed in order to have the best chance at winning.


Big Brother 12: It’s The FINAL Countdown To Showtime!


Here we are again ladies and gentlemen! It’s t-minus 51 hours and counting to the premiere of Big Brother 12! We have just one question to ask you, where will you be when you watch this premiere?!? Hopefully, with us! Our fearless co-leader Ahrean is once again going to grace us with her World Wide Web famous live show threads and trust us, they should NOT be missed! You can find them here!

Back during the days of the Friendship and Sovereign Six of Big Brother 6, Ahrean was known as KaysarRocks. She had an idea after seeing how many times people got pre-empted, or how many of her friends lived on the West Coast. Why should they have to wait to find out what happens? She figured since she was such a fast typist, why not type out what happens as it happens on the show? And thusly, it began. It’s grown since then, and she has a lot of loyal “readers” that have followed her here but anyone else is always welcome!


Meet The Big Brother 12 Houseguests!

Update: see below for a brief video introduction

Hello everybody! It’s that time of year again, one week from tomorrow we will have the premiere of Big Brother 12, are you excited?!? We sure are and today, on The Early Show, Julie Chen introduced us to our houseguests for this season! In just a bit of time we will have the bios of each houseguest up and ready to go, you can read them here!

Here are your houseguests for Big Brother 12!

Lane Elenburg, 24
Ragan Fox, 34
Andrew Gordon, 39
Britney Haynes, 22
Kathy Hillis, 40
Matt Hoffman, 32
Hayden Moss, 24
Enzo Palumbo, 32
Rachel Reilly, 26
Monet Stunson, 24
Brendon Villegas, 30
Annie Whittington, 27
Kristen Bitting, 24