Let’s Yakkity Yak!!! April 29th, 2010

Hello, hello, hello everyone! Ahrean here with another edition of Let’s Yakkity Yak! We have some interesting and not so surprising stories today, so let’s get right to it.


The International Olympic Committee issued a decision on 4/28/10 to strip the Chinese Women’s Team Bronze medal won in the 2000 Summer Olympics, which were held in Sydney, Australia.

 53-underage_gymnast_olympics_sff_embedded_prod_affiliate_81This decision was made after one of the team members, Dong Fangxiao, was discovered to have been 14 at the time the games were held. This was found out due to her registration as a national technical official in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, showing her birth date to be in 1986, which would’ve made her 14 at the time of the Sydney games, as said before. This means that the USA Women’s team will be awarded the bronze medal, and Fangxiao will also be stripped of her 6th and 7thplace finishes in other events. Seriously though, is anyone surprised at this? These girls all looked like they were about 10 years old even, everyone and their dog KNEW they weren’t of the age required to be in the Olympics but no evidence had been brought forth to support it. But seriously, why? Those in these elite sports are already subject to so much, including the predictable amenorrhea (which is a delay in menstruation and inevitable shorter statue), so to put quite literally a child into this is disgusting in my opinion. I’m glad they were finally exposed.


Welcome To Let’s Yakkity Yak! April 28th, 2010

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Ahrean’s Hot Topic Blog! Every morning you’re going to get Ahrean’s thoughts on various hot news stories happening around the world and it can range from world news, to celebrity gossip, to reality show happenings and much more!  First things first. 45 years after the assasination of Malcolm X,…


And The Winner Of The Amazing Race 15 Is….

Alright folks, those of you that were around pre-BB11 saw, we got many tips and such, many of which proved to be correct. As always, we said to take it with a grain of salt and we’re going to say that now as well.

Through an industry insider who wishes to remain unnamed, but has proven very reliable in the past, we have learned pretty much who is going to be declared the winner of The Amazing Race 15 on the season finale!

So, do you want to know?

You can find out here.


Big Brother 11’s Jeff and Jordan Confirmed To Be A Team Competing On The Amazing Race 16!

Okay, so Jeff from Big Brother 11 is known to be a semi-regular Tweeter, so suspicions arose amongst his followers earlier this week when he hadn’t sent a tweet since 11/22. Then sightings of him and Jordan, wearing identical blue in NC, being filmed by a crew in an unmarked van started swirling about, plus a suspicious visit to the CBS lot the last time they were in L.A. with no reason given for it (i.e. some BB thing, etc, which obviously would’ve been announced).

Then just today Season 16 of the Amazing Race kicked off with filming in L.A. and you guessed it, internet spoilers started a’flowin, including team sightings at LAX and one of those teams was Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother 11! Fans have clamored for them to be on TAR and their popularity with viewers this summer is undisputable. Check in with our TAR 16 forum here for all the latest news, gossip and spoilers!

But first, ;), how about a picture of them at LAX? (Check our forum for more!)



An Amazing Ripoff On The Amazing Race


The Emmy award winning reality series, The Amazing Race, has seen it’s ups and downs during it’s many seasons but on the November 15th, 2009 episode it hit a big snag in the eyes of many viewers. Join us in our forum to discuss! But let’s set the stage. During a roadblock, which is a task only one team member can perform, the teams were instructed to go to this mysterious building in Estonia. They were sent with a keyring full of keys and instructed that only one key would open the door, but they had to use their key to open it and the keyhole was in a stone wall.

At one point during this task, Sam and Dan, brothers, used another teams key once it was known which key worked, to enter the building, obviously saving them an immeasurable amount of time. Then the Globetrotters team followed another team in, once that team had found which key worked, effectively skipping the assigned task of not even having to go through their keys. This also saved them an immeasurable amount of time.

Meanwhile, the father and son team of Gary and Matt, who placed last in the previous leg and had to do a Speed Bump, while not quite caught up due to that Speed Bump weren’t apparently that far behind unless the CBS editing made it look that way.