“Survivor: Caramoan” Preview ~ Down To The Wire

We are getting down to the wire on Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites. Immunity has never been more important, especially with a dominating alliance. But first, it’s Survivor Auction time! An all-new episode airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS but we have a preview for you. Check it out below!


NBC Yanks “Hannibal” Episode, Plus Other Programming Notes From Boston Bombings

In the wake of National tragedy, networks typically adjust primetime program scheduling to include news reports and to withdraw any sensitive episodic material. Monday, the night after the Marathon bombings, NBC pre-empted an original episode of “Revolution” for a special NBC News report. NBC has also announced, Friday afternoon, that they will not air episode…



CBS Announces Teasers For Upcoming Season Finales, Including “Big Bang,” “Elementary,” & “Criminal Minds”

Early Friday afternoon, CBS released 18 teasers for their upcoming season ending arcs for their primetime hits. From “The Big Bang Theory” to “2 Broke Girls” and “Criminal Minds” to Hawaii Five-0, your favorites are ending this May and here are some teasers of what you can expect come finale season. Remember, bookmark our Spring/Early…


Marriage Equality

I typically try and keep these posts light-hearted or about life in general, but today…I’m going to tackle an issue that in some way affects us all personally:  Marriage Equality.  I am not labeling it ‘gay marriage’ because there is no such thing about making ‘marriage’ gay.  It is about bringing equality to all that…