The Amazing Race Premier! Favorites?

One of my all time favorite shows premiered last night for it’s whopping season 19! Did you miss it? You can catch it online HERE, then come back and join us for all of the TAR conversation in the forum! We also discuss the show while it’s on, so get registered already! It’s free! ___________________________________…



Introducing ‘Big Brother Victory House’

YakkityYaks will be featuring a weekend-long version of CBS’s Big Brother.  Big Brother Victory House–named after the location’s former party nickname–is a scaled down, North Carolina-based reality game that will see the likes of nearly sixteen people compete in a house cut off from the outside world.  With no cell phones, no televisions, no music…



Survivor South Pacific: The Survivor Hitler?

Welcome Survivor Fans! Last nights premiere of Survivor South Pacific did not disappoint! Filmed in Samoa amidst the gorgeous blue waters and white sandy beaches, 16 survivors arrived by canoe on a deserted island. Survivors gathered at the Redemption Island arena where Ozzy and Coach, former two-time contestants, were flown in by helicopter. The tribes…



Big Brother 14? Yes!

Right on the heels of the Big Brother 13 finale, it has been confirmed that Big Brother has been renewed for a 14th season and will be back next year! Yep, we will be treated to yet another season of our favorite show! Will you apply to be on Big Brother? What kind of Houseguests…



Survivor “South Pacific” Season 23!

WELCOME SURVIVOR FANS! Its hard to believe that “Survivor” is premiering it’s 23rd season on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 at 8:00pm eastern time. This is a 90 minute premiere hosted by 4 time Emmy award winner “Outstanding Reality Host” Jeff Probst! 16 new castaways are secluded in beautiful Samoa soon to be joined by past…