CBS’s Version of Big Brother, What You See is NOT Always The Truth!!!

Okay Yakksters, as you all know, I always do the show thread, every night it airs, I type it up for you as it happens. I had a VERY hard time doing so on Tuesday, August 11th’s episdoe though as my hands were shaking from anger.

I don’t work for CBS productions, so I have no idea how hard it would have to be to wittle down 24/7 feeds into 42 minutes of aired showtime, 3 times a week. That being said, if you’re going to show the fights, and the controversies, you would THINK you’d also show it in a way that it doesn’t seem slanted, unless you want to avoid bad publicity…….which is just what CBS did tonight.

So, you ask, what happened?


POV Ceremony is Over…

The Power of Veto ceremony is over, feeds are back! Kevin won veto Saturday, and it was up to him whether to save Russell or Lydia or keep Chima’s nominations the same.

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So, what happened during POV?


Man In A Banana Suit – Now You Can Wear It Too!!!

Step right up everyone and take a gander at a piece of Big Brother 11 history! Yes, yes, yes, Casey (HOLLA! Come on Casey!), the recently evicted “man in a banana suit” has developed a website, aptly named, “”! You can check it out here!!! And thanks to our own staffer Taea for bringing this to our attention, in our lfu thread here (post 353).

You can get exclusive “Man In A Banana Suit” t-shirts and hey, if you want to have a little more fun, you can get it in, as Casey says “Jessie’s size”…SMEDIUM!!!



POV Ceremony Yesterday, Biggest Fights in BB History Last Night!

Yakksters, we are sensing a power shift … Click below to see the latest and come talk about it with us in our forums! Discuss the aftermath of POV ceremony with us in our live feed updates! And MAN, what a night it was last night! FIVE, count them FIVE separate fights, one involving the typical water throwing, another one involving chest bumping between Kevin and Ronnie of all people, Chima and Russell went at it HARD CORE, TWICE and Jessie? He hid in the DR and the Rubber Room the whole time.

It was quite the blowout, we have to admit! Come on into our forums to read all about it! Best line of the night? Well Ahrean, one of our fearless co-leaders, has declared this exchange it:

~ Ronnie (joking) “If I don’t leave this week I’ll officially go down as the houseguest who will never leave!”

~ Jeff (joking) “If you don’t leave I’ll throw you through the window…”


BB11′s Ronnie: Cyberbully Who Lies About Accomplishments Outside of The House

Most people who are not Ronnie fans already know that he is a liar, deceiver and a manipulator. But what they may not know is that he is a self proclaimed cyber-bully. And those claims of his of being a “National Persuasive Speaking Champion”. Not true.

Ronnie himself has admitted to the cyber-bullying, apparently he thinks it’s funny and a neat thing to do. Never mind the cases of those that have killed themselves after being on the losing end of cyber-bullying.

You can read more about this, and where it originated from here and also please feel free to join us in our forums to discuss this more.