Farewell Danny Gans

[singlepic ID=56 h=190 w=130 float=left] According to Entertainment weekly: “Danny Gans, Las Vegas singer and comedian best known for his impersonation of George Burns, died yesterday at 52, according to CNN. The cause of death has not yet been released. Gans’ wildly successful Vegas run began in 1996, when he landed a three-month gig at…


American Idol 4/28

Let me start by telling you, before I start my ramble about American Idol tonight, that we WILL be getting more writers for the site soon. Why am I telling you this? Well, I am pretty sure with the popularity of Adam Lambert, that you are getting kinda sick and tired of my rants about dislike for this guy. So, keep that in mind… new writers, many that love him just like you do, coming soon to a YakkityYaks near you.

Ok, time for my critique, not that I am the connoisseur, especially when it comes to Rat Pack night. I am a pure rocker chick at heart… so this one is a little hard for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Frank and Dean sometimes. But… FRANK and DEAN, not people singing Frank and Dean. I thought I was gonna be bored, and sometimes I was… just not as bored as I thought I would be. We will start with:

Kris Allen – The Way You Look Tonight – Kris did okay. I wasn’t overly impressed, but wasn’t throwing things at the TV either. That has to be a good thing right? I don’t want my TV to look like those phony YouTube videos of the Wii remote cracking the screen. I mean, that would suck! Wait… I got off track there. Oh yeah, Kris… ummm… Decent start to the show I guess.


American Idol 4/22

[singlepic ID=53 h=130 w=190 float=left] Yeah ok so Anoop and Lil went buh bye.  I think that was the best choice, although I would still like to see Adam go to Broadway already.  Yeah yeah, I know, everyone loves him.  Well, not everyone, everyone but me apparently.  Anyway………….  The big “shocker” to come out of…


American Idol Shocker Tonight?

It has been reported around the web and on radio that we are in for an American Idol “shocker” this evening.  According to many different sources, it has nothing to do with who is staying or going, but something to do with Paula… who knows.  She has supposedly been twittering this morning about a big…


American Idol 4/21

Well, it was disco night on American Idol, and I thought I would be bored out of my mind.  Was I?  Well, a little.  Lil, who I think should be doing fabulous, suffers weekly.  I loved what Kris had in store tonight, and Allison can really belt it out! Matt was a bit boring to…


Extended Amazing Race Commercial

I thought you all may be interested in seeing this one… I really hope Margie will be okay. When you are done viewing the video, go check out “Elimination Station” – The house the eliminated teams live in… it’s quite interesting. Thank you to HapyHouswf for pointing us to it! I didn’t even know it…


13, yep, the big twist!

Well woopie doopie, the Wild Card round is over on American Idol and the big twist revealed. As if 12 weren’t enough. Ok, I know, I am being quite the pessimist… but really, there are some in there that shouldn’t be, there are some that never made the Wild Card Round that should have, and…


American Idol, 3/4/09

Alright well, I for one was disappointed.  Lil Rounds definitly deserved to make it through, but so did Ju’not, who did not even get into the Wild Card show… but Miss Crazy Pants did?  What a crock.  I guess American Idol is doing their part to keep crazy alive!  That, and they need something to…


Well, well, well…

[singlepic ID=37 h=162 w=101 float=left] Lookie what I found… One of our members, and my husband, on their “Idol” experience. The first one (my husband) made it so it seems, and the second (iStillRock) seems to just want to hump Ryan’s leg…. [singlepic ID=40 h=162 w=101 float=right] and who is the guy licking Ryan’s ear???


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