‘Once Upon A Time:’ Red

In flashback Fairytale Land, Snow and Red are on the run from the queen’s men. They narrowly dodge them, but Red’s cloak is torn. She worries it will not protect her from shifting into a wolf during the full moon. So the two women separate and agree to rejoin in the morning. The following morning…


Disney ABC Television Group Announces “Day of Giving” Event For Sandy Relief

Per an official Disney/ABC Television Group Press Release Regarding Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts On Monday November 5: The Disney/ABC Television Group’s “Day of Giving” continues to grow, with ABC Family, SOAPnet, Radio Disney, “General Hospital,” “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and the Disney Stores set to join previously announced network and syndicated programming spanning…


Malibu Country: Are You Making The Move?

Finally! A southern rooted, down home country, comedy returns to the airwaves. ABC’s newest comedy “Malibu Country” starring country superstar Reba McEntire, hits all the high notes. When the show begins, we’re introduced to Reba Gallagher, former one-hit-wonder country star and soon to be ex-wife of one of the industry’s biggest stars. Reba decides it’s…