Big Brother 14 Open Casting Calls!

Make sure you keep checking this page. Big Brother casting is constantly updating locations, times, and adding more locations. We’ll have up-to-the-minute updates! Big Brother 14′s new casting website has just released information on the upcoming casting calls for the summer hit. The site has been accepting applications online with digital video submission, but fans…


Introducing ‘Big Brother Victory House’

YakkityYaks will be featuring a weekend-long version of CBS’s Big Brother.  Big Brother Victory House–named after the location’s former party nickname–is a scaled down, North Carolina-based reality game that will see the likes of nearly sixteen people compete in a house cut off from the outside world.  With no cell phones, no televisions, no music…


Big Brother 14? Yes!

Right on the heels of the Big Brother 13 finale, it has been confirmed that Big Brother has been renewed for a 14th season and will be back next year! Yep, we will be treated to yet another season of our favorite show! Will you apply to be on Big Brother? What kind of Houseguests…