Survivor Nicaragua – Young v. Old?

According to CBS, the new season of Survivor is going to divide the contestants into two tribes: young and old.  “Old” they say will consist of contestants age 40 and up for what they refer to as the “Espada” tribe.  The “La Flor” tribe will be the youngins’, made up with those contestants 30 and younger.  CBS…


Big Brother 12 – Summer of Sabotage – Let The Moley Mayhem Begin!!!

Hey everybody, less than one hour to showtime! Come on over to our section for Ahrean’s Live Show Recap threads, found here and join us as she types out what happens, as it happens. An added bonus, you can be part of her exclusive Mystery Game, that you will find out about in the thread and you get the highest chances of winning if you’re in her threads as she types them!

So join us for a Summer of Sabotage and watch as the Moley Mayhem begins!