Fox Reveals Midseason Plan, Premiere Dates for American Idol, The Following, Touch

This afternoon, Fox revealed it’s midseason game plan, listing premiere dates for one of this season’s most anticipated new dramas, the granddaddy of singing competitions and a new premiere date for Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch. In case you missed the umpteen million “breaking” news reports on American Idol‘s 12th season, the judge’s table is being retooled.…


Fox Launches ‘The Choice’ – Love Child of ‘Bachelor’ and ‘The Voice’

Ya, you read that right. Even better? It’s called “The Choice.” Original, right? Kicking off this June, Fox brings you the next reality dating flop show. Since Joe Millionaire worked so well for Fox, it’s time for their next best attempt. This upcoming six-episode series will bring you the “world’s most eligible celebrities” looking for…