Fall TV 2010, CBS: Hawaii, $#*! from Dad, and Survival of the Fittest

Yesterday we took on Fox’s fall lineup, promising it may seem. Today, let’s tackle CBS. With 5 new shows slated to hit the mini-screen (click here for the fall schedule),will CBS still be able to live up to it’s claim as America’s most watched network? Not only is CBS reviving one of the biggest hit shows of the past, it’s bringing an online sensation to the tube! Put that with the return of favorites like the CSI franchise, last season’s breakout The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory and some of reality’s finest, CBS just might be on to something. Continue reading below for previews and to check out what you don’t want to miss this season! Don’t forget to let your voice be heard HERE … registration is quick, easy and free! Don’t forget to check us out tomorrow to see what NBC has to offer!


The Amazing Race: 5 Teams left…Any truly deserving?

Here at the Yak, we love our “reality.” Well, not our own little reality because sometimes that gets crazy, but “reality” TV nonetheless. As real as it can be. Voting people off islands, walking down a runway, living in a house, giving people flowers, singing, dancing, and world travelling. Sounds like the start to a bad book. Even so, we get entertained.

the-amazing-raceTonight, we get closer to the end of another race around the world. We have 5 teams left. Only one will cross the finish line. Who’s left? Click on to see what this Yakkster thinks about each team and why they deserve/don’t deserve to win! Then join us in our forum to let us know what you think!


And The Winner Of The Amazing Race 15 Is….

Alright folks, those of you that were around pre-BB11 saw, we got many tips and such, many of which proved to be correct. As always, we said to take it with a grain of salt and we’re going to say that now as well.

Through an industry insider who wishes to remain unnamed, but has proven very reliable in the past, we have learned pretty much who is going to be declared the winner of The Amazing Race 15 on the season finale!

So, do you want to know?

You can find out here.