Let’s Yakkity Yak! April 30th, 2010

Welcome back ladies and germs, to another edition of Let’s Yakkity Yak! And let’s do just that, get down to it.


Alright so everyone knows about Time magazine’s Most Influential People articles and the prestige being put on that list will give you. But what about being called Least Influential? Well well well, remember my good buddies, the Pratts?

Otherwise known as Albino Eyebrow Dipwad and his Frankensteinian bride? heidi-and-spencerOr if you really need help, Speidi. Spencer and Heidi for god’s sake! Anyways, according to an article I found on Wonderwall, courtesy of MSN, they get the distinct honor of being named the Least Influential People. And I officially am in love with Time magazine. Even moreso that Time put them in the “moron” category. Here’s what they said about Franken…..sorry, Heidi. “You used to be famous for being famous. Then you were famous for getting lots of plastic surgery and selling only 658 copies of your album in its first week. Now you’re not famous. That was fast.” And her albino hubby? Well this is what they had to say about Spencer. “Montag fired him as her manager. It’s like we need a whole other list of the uninfluential to the uninfluential.” Beyond that, Us Magazine says they’re panicked about being out of the limelight after The Hills ends this season. And this terrifies me because the next thing you know, there will be a baby Speidi. God help that kid. Other luckies to make Time’s list are Joaquin Phoenix, Octomom, Paula Abdul and Brian Dunkleman (remember the guy that co-hosted the first season of American Idol with Seacrest?). While I agree with most, I take exception to Abdul. Take her out, put Kara “I like to wear earrings that look like bedazzled alien snot” Dioguardi on the list. Sure, she’s a songwriter and sure, she’s on Idol right now, but if anyone is influenced by her I have to question their judgement.


Well this is nice. In New York, police told a family that their youngest son had been killed in a car crash. Yet 90 minutes later they realized he was at home, asleep. new-york-city_0Why did the cops think it was their kid? One of the dead men had his license clutched in his hand. Relatives were told he was gone, someone was sent to tell grandma too. But then his brother rushed to the house he shared with the not-dead man and found him there. The man that died with the license in his hand turned out to be a one-time frat brother of the not-dead man. Alright, two questions. Why would a guy be in a car crash actually hanging onto his own license? And how would someone not actually go to their son’s house to check and see if maybe, just maybe this was a mistake? Or ask to see the body? Weirdness abound.