A Yakkster Ponders The Possible Link Between Vaccinations and Autism.

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I want to start by saying that I am not anti-vaccine. There is a common misconception that anybody who questions vaccines or the current vaccination schedule is anti-vaccine. I do believe that vaccines can be a good thing, but the current state of the CDC’s vaccination schedule and the greed and lies behind which vaccines have been made and propagandized have truly bastardized their original intent. When government health officials get out of the pharmaceutical companies’ pockets and start putting public health over profit (the opposite of which they currently operate), they can start to make vast improvements and changes to the vaccination program. They could then go away from the “one size fits all” philosophy under which they operate now. I have never been one to reinvent the wheel, but in the case of the vaccination program (and vaccines), I’ll make an exception.

Why do I say all this? Why should I concern myself so much with vaccines? The answer to both is simple. Because I, along with a growing number of people in this country (and the world for that matter), hold the firm belief that vaccinations play a major role in the autism epidemic. I will say it again because it’s worth repeating. If the right conditions exist, vaccinations do (yes, do) cause autism, and if government health officials continue to sit idly by (at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies) with their current “head in the sand” approach, things are just going to get worse. The autism numbers are going to keep rising. Again, vaccines can cause autism, and in the following paragraphs, I’m going to explain how and why.

What’s one of the biggest culprits we’re talking about here? The answer is mercury, or the mercury-containing preservative, Thimerosal, which is nearly 50% ethyl mercury. Mercury is the second-most toxic substance known to humans, and it’s the most toxic substance that isn’t radioactive. It can cause some severe neurological effects that are very similar to most characteristics that autistic children display. It was (and still is in some cases) used in vaccines as a preservative to allow vaccine manufacturers to produce their vaccines in multi-dose vials, thus reducing cost and increasing profit margin.

Every time a needle is jabbed into the stopper of a vaccine vial, it creates a potential for bacterial contamination, so Eli Lilly (the company) came up with the idea that if you pack a vaccine vial with mercury (enough to kill a small horse), it will kill all the potential bacterial contaminants, along with everything else, like our children’s immune systems, neurotransmitters, etc. So thus, a vaccine preservative was born (along with a future autism epidemic).