Big Brother 12: It’s The FINAL Countdown To Showtime!


Here we are again ladies and gentlemen! It’s t-minus 51 hours and counting to the premiere of Big Brother 12! We have just one question to ask you, where will you be when you watch this premiere?!? Hopefully, with us! Our fearless co-leader Ahrean is once again going to grace us with her World Wide Web famous live show threads and trust us, they should NOT be missed! You can find them here!

Back during the days of the Friendship and Sovereign Six of Big Brother 6, Ahrean was known as KaysarRocks. She had an idea after seeing how many times people got pre-empted, or how many of her friends lived on the West Coast. Why should they have to wait to find out what happens? She figured since she was such a fast typist, why not type out what happens as it happens on the show? And thusly, it began. It’s grown since then, and she has a lot of loyal “readers” that have followed her here but anyone else is always welcome!