And it Begins… Comcast and Netflix Strike Deal for Faster Streaming

For Netflix users, you would think this would be a good thing. Comcast and Netflix have struck a deal that will allow faster streaming streams of Netflix content through the Broadband giant. Neither would discuss the details of the deal, however, money was definitely involved. This is great for us streamers right? Well, you would think.

However, it’s just the beginning of losing the neutrality that we have been fighting for.

You see, deals are normally struck between service providers to allow better service for all but normally, free. What this does is open the door for similar deals to be had between ISPs and other service providers and, say, websites to make streaming/surfing to their site faster while leaving the smaller, less wealthy sites with poor service.

The companies both emphasized that Netflix will not receive special treatment. Of course they did. However, how can they offer better and faster service to the streaming giant without special treatment? According to Mashable: “The difference between a network-connection arrangement and preferential network treatment is technical but important, particularly within the topic of net neutrality. The deal struck by Netflix and Comcast has to do with a process called “peering,” in which companies physically connect networks together to exchange data. This is distinct from the net-neutrality issue of simply favoring or throttling certain content in an attempt to solicit payment. The difference means Netflix and Comcast can claim to be abiding by net-neutrality rules (or, for right now, conventions) while still creating a system in which content providers pay for better speed.”

So yes, it’s a great thing for Netflix watchers, but in the future can prove to be a really bad thing for the internet and start-ups who don’t have the money to gain that extra “oomph” needed for their viewers.

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