Anti-Bullying Week: ” I really want to make a difference…”

Continuing our aim for the week, YakkityYaks will be joining with past and present Reality TV stars and fans just like you in honor of Anti-Bullying Week. We continue to feature stories from Reality TV personalities, members in our YakkityYaks forum, and fans from Twitter and Facebook. In an effort to join forces and increase awareness, we encourage you to share these stories with your friends and family and encourage continuous efforts to make a difference! We all are capable and we just hope that this motivates and encourages each and every one of us to take a stand and put a stop to bullying once and for all. YakkityYaks, don’t talk smack!

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Read on below for two personal accounts from fans on Twitter & Facebook who felt so moved to submit their own personal and touching stories, in addition to all of our other coverage today. Names have been changed to protect identities, but the stories are straight from the heart and unedited.

If you are interested in participating in our anti-bullying initiative by sharing your story, please contact or (Big Brother’s Shelly). Each and every story can bring about great change.

We also want to announce an exciting addition to our special features this week. Everyone who submits a story will be eligible to win a phone call from a reality TV personality!


I was bullied and picked on all my life because I was fat. Turns out, there are worse things in this world than being fat.

Two notorious bullies from my elementary and jr high years are now dead. One from suicide, the other from heroin.

Another bully from jr high changed the oil in my car in our mid-twenties while he was working at a quick-E-lube. He was bald and fat in his mid-twenties.

It was difficult at the time they were picking on me…. but I was later able to see that what goes around comes around!

– E.C.


Ever since as long as I can remember I have dealt with being bullied.

In the First Grade is when it began. I was raised to see everyone equally. I tried to be friends with everyone whether they were black or white, male or female, anything. In first through fifth grade, it was that big of a deal to me that the kids in my class would make up rhymes to taunt me and wouldn’t play with me at recess. That’s about all I had to deal through out those grades.

Than I went into middle school. I still remember my first week of middle school I was opening my locker and another kid came by and stole my binder and ran off with it. In the 8th grade I dreaded going to band class every day because two boys in that class did everything they could to upset me, but since I had been dealing with bullying all that time I learned to pretend they weren’t bothering me this lead to even worse bullying. When the teacher turned around they would hit me or when he left the room they would beat me up. No one else in the class would say or do anything about it. They just acted like it didn’t happen and I was afraid to tell the teacher because I thought it would lead to worse things happening.

I would go home everyday crying and telling my mom everything that happened and I was really depressed. All I did when I came home from school was sleep. That’s all I really remember about my 8th grade year of school is the bullying. In the Ninth grade I got a job and almost all the managers and my co-workers bullied me. The managers would give me clothes that were too small and make fun of me about it and one of my co-worker put a box cutter to my neck trying to scare me. (It worked!) As if work wasn’t bad enough I now had to deal with being a freshmen in high school. Just one of the stories from that year is I was at my locker and a group of guys came up to me and told me to give them my money or they were gonna beat me up, so I did. This happened almost every day until a teacher saw it and stopped it once I told her what happened. I was getting threats of being beaten up alot and the people in my band class would throw water bottles and rolls of paper towels at me when the teacher wasn’t looking. After I graduated high school it all stopped.

I was adopted the day I was born into a loving family with two parents who have adopted 9 children with special needs. Seeing some of my brothers and sisters get made fun of still bothers me. I talk to them and tell them about how I was bullied but it still doesn’t work. I really want to make a difference in any way I can. Even if it leads to the bullying starting over again I just want to help others. If there is ANYTHING I can do please let me help!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this,


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  1. WOW thanks for sharing….MH I think the first step in helping is to be willing to take a stand for what is right!!

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