Anti-Bullying Week: YakkityYaks, Don’t Talk Smack!

Tomorrow, November 14th, is the start of Anti-Bullying Week 2011. The theme for this year’s initiative is “Stop and think. Words can hurt.” And that is exactly what we hope to get across throughout our many exciting events planned for this week.

In conjunction with some familiar Reality TV personalities, the Yak will be bringing you a number of special features throughout the week detailing countless accounts relating to bullying. We’ll be hearing from people who have been bullied in the past, are being bullied now, or even from bullies themselves. We’ll hear from parents of the bullied and those who work in the educational system. We’ll hear directly from fans of many reality TV personalities and we’ll hear from some of the most memorable reality TV stars, as well. The amount of support and stories that we have already received have been overwhelming and extremely touching. If this is any indication of what this week might bring, prepare to be changed and want to push for change!

Keep an eye out on all week for all of these special reports and publications that we’ll be bringing you throughout the next 5 days. We would like to point out that this movement doesn’t stop after Friday. This is just a way to encourage people to get involved and stay involved.

Not only will we be providing stories and personal accounts for all kinds of people, we will be providing you with ways to counter bullying, suggestions on how to talk with your children regarding bullying, as well as ways to support some great causes out there looking to put a STOP to bullying as a whole.

So, stay tuned, tell your friends. This has already begun to change us and we hope it will do the same for you.

If you would like to participate in this initiative, please email us at We will change the names of those involved to protect identities and submissions can be kept anonymous if you prefer. We have a very special surprise planned for those who submit stories. Details to come … Let’s just say that your favorite reality TV personality might play a role.

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  1. I love that YakkityYaks is still standing up for the little guys & gals!! Keep up the great work!

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