America’s Next Top Model Finale! Who is crowned the 19th Top Model?

Wow! It seems like only yesterday I started this recap, its been a blast recapping it for y’all! Now onto the finale!

So we start of the show at the runway, which seems weird at first because I didn’t expect a 3 person final judging? But that’s what we end up getting. Tyra does her usual spiel going over the girls who are left in the competition, and then we finally get into the show I actually care about as we see the girls at there first of two photo-shoots of the episode for Nine-West!

Up first is Laura, and despite her looking absolutely stunning, I reckon I am not the only one who didn’t pay any attention to her because of the fight going on between Kelly and the photographer Jez. The whole thing is hilarious, and I think Kelly is just a bit power mad… saying that, she was right about them standing up. Anyway, Laura’s photo to me was amazing! This photo grabbed my attention instantly and I would definitely stop in any magazine to look at this, even though I am not the target audience so maybe that’s not a good thing…


Next up to the photo-shoot was Leila. On the shoot, she didn’t really get how they had to sell the shoes, and even though she is very high-fashioned she struggled grasping the commercial side of things. For me, the final photo was once again amazing. It just grabs me. I don’t know what it is about it, but it is a really was a great shot. It is what models are going to be doing in real life, photo-shoots like this show a lot more potential than some of the crazy stuff Tyra makes the girls do:


Finally up to the shoot is Kiara, even though she has been rocking the past couple of weeks, Joshua thinks she didn’t bring it in the photo-shoot. I have to agree. This is my least favorite shot. Her whole position turns me off, however, her body looks rocking!


Next up, Tyra shows us how the girls performed in their nylon campaigns. To cut things short, Laura and Kiara didn’t suck, however, Nylon seemed to be in love with Leila. At the end of the shoot, each of the girls were surprised by there parents or grandparents which obviously made for some very emotional TV, especially Kiara. Some people would say it was an over-reaction, but if what Kiara has said about her life is true, I thought it was very touching. I love Kiara’s grandmother by the way.

The Final Runway

Before we get to this there is some cut-scene to set the tone to the runway, lost spirits fighting for their bodies. Sophie, last years winner headlined the show, but no-ones eyes were on her that’s for sure.

First up was Laura. Her walk seemed OK, a bit stiff at times to me, but she didn’t stumble and she worked what she had. Next, Kiara. Now I have to say, she completely owned that runway, she was by far the best walker. Lastly, was poor poor Leila, now falling over on the runway is one thing, but falling over, getting up, not improving, falling over again then coming back on for your second walk still not recovered, it’s upsetting that’s for sure!


At judging, the judges gave each of the girls a score for the whole season. This combined with the average challenge score and their average fan score chose the winner. The girl with the least points was:

Leila I think this came down to her runway. She just couldn’t be a top model without a good runway walk. In my opinion she took the best photo’s of the season, but definitely had the worst runway walk out of the final 3. Along with this there was some discussion about limited personality?

Now, with the final 2 being Kiara and Laura, who is going to win. At this point, I had no idea who was going to win. Laura started strong but possibly waned? Kiara started weaker, but grew stronger with every week.

The winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 by 4.6 points is:

Personally I thought this was right, Laura had the mix of a good walk, with good photos. However, looking at Twitter and Facebook I know that the fans are not so happy. In my opinion she had the second best photos, and the second best walk. Does this constitute a win? Apparently. Congratulations Laura! You rocked some photo-shoots, and you had Kristin’s support, even though I doubt many people thought you were going to win at that final episode, you did!

Along with the title of Top Model, Laura also won the Luke award for best performance throughout the competition on my table. You can’t lie with numbers people. What do you guys think? The right person win?


Until next season,

Much Love