Lil’ Mama’s Movie Station: Avatar


Science meets greed in this gloriously-filmed movie from director James Cameron. It’s been in the works for several years- only taking a backseat to wait for technology to catch up to his vision.

And what a vision it is! Click below to read about it and come discuss with us in our forums!

Avatar focuses around the planet, Pandora, inhabited by the Na’Vi: a beautiful, graceful People who are connected to their planet, its wildlife and its overall flora…literally.

However, the Na’Vi are threatened by the people from Earth- who are there mining a precious metal that was discovered while doing scientific research on the planet and its inhabitants. The military, who are there to keep the Na’Vi ‘at bay, while their planet is mined, thinks of the Na’Vi as savages- even though they’re only protecting their land.

There’s also another side to this story: Sigourney Weaver is excellent in her role as a scientist (Dr. Augustine)- hoping to have a good relationship with the Na’Vi. She’s developed a way to incorporate and learn the way of the Na’Vi by creating Avatars: a human/Na’Vi hybrid that can be accessed by linking a human neurally with their own Na’Vi- who can breathe the air and walk alongside the people.

Enter Jake: an ex-Marine who is paralyzed from the waist down and is called on to take over from his now-deceased identical brother- already trained in the Na’Vi culture and language.


The special affects are unbelievable! You’re literalling ‘Oohing’ and ‘Aaahing’ all through the film; you also want to visit some places on Pandora- until you realize that it doesn’t exist! The Floating Mountains will make you scared of heights, and the people will make you believe.

(See This: the Mountain Banshees. They’re awesome!)


I can’t say too much without telling the film, but I have to say this: see it in 3-D!


I give this movieĀ  4 out of 5 (4 out of 5 Yaks) Why not 5? Because the bad guy in the movie was [I]too bad [/I]and his character kinda sucked to the point that it almost made him cheesy.