Big Brother 14: Double Eviction Chats with Frank Eudy & Joe Arvin

Before Frank and Joe headed to the Jury House after Thursday night’s eviction, they were given time to answer questions from various outlets and YakkityYaks got to ask them YOUR questions. After Frank was misled about this week’s target, he left the house on a sour note, not hugging anyone but ally Jenn. With news that this week was a Double Eviction, each houseguests played their hearts out in the HOH competition, with Dan Gheesling coming out on top. Ian and Joe were subsequently nominated. But when Ian used the Power of Veto on himself, Dan was forced to nominate ally Danielle in his place. However, with a clearly one-sided vote, Joe was sent packing by the end of the episode.

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The Yak: You were a major competitor as far as competitions went. Do you think, looking back, had you played that down a bit or thrown a few your game would have lasted longer?
Frank: I absolutely went into the house not wanting to win competitions, but because my back was against the wall from week one I had to win to stay safe in the game. I originally only wanted to win competitions when it was absolutely necessary.

The Yak: Who would like to see sitting in the final two chairs? Who would you like to join you next in the jury?
Frank: I’d like to see Dan join me next in the jury. I’d like to see Jenn make it far in this game.

The Yak: Do you think your obvious alliance to Mike Boogie is part of why you were constantly targeted?
Frank: I think it is part of it, but I don’t think it’s the main reason. In the beginning I was probably the strongest target Mike had with his players – people saw me as a threat physically and mentally. But at the same time, I knew Dan wanted to work with Mike because he knew he could beat him in the final two. So I was a Dan’s target because he wanted to work with Mike on his own.

The Yak: Were you surprised when you were evicted last night?
Frank: I was absolutely skeptical that I could go home, but because I am a positive thinker, I thought I had a chance to stay. If I weren’t such a positive thinker I probably would have known I was going home. Everyone there had lied to me so many times already there was no way I could really trust them to keep me this time.

The Yak: What is your biggest regret in the game?
Frank: My biggest regret in the game was sending Wil home instead of Joe. I think the game could have turned out differently if I hadn’t done that.

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