Big Brother 14: The Yak Chats with Ashley Iocca

As the second casualty of the double eviction, Ashley Iocca was available to answer questions to members of the media before heading off to sequester. Ashley was evicted after Ian won HOH and nominated Frank and Ashley for eviction. Frank was able to save himself with the Power of Veto, but Ashley was left on the block with a silent Joe. The Yak was lucky enough to get to poke at Ashley’s brain before she headed off to the jury house. Did we find more than unicorns and lollipops? Check out our brief interview below. Per protocol, we were only able to submit a few of our questions, but we appreciate all of your suggestions in our forum and on twitter!


The Yak: Ashley, at what point in the game did you think that going with Boogie and Frank’s side of the house would benefit you? Do you regret that or do you still think that was the move for you?

Ashley: It was last week…I decided that I didn’t want to just be a floater anymore and I wanted to be a part of a Team. I felt like they were just going to pick the floaters off and that’s why I made my decision. I hate to have regrets, but yes.

The Yak: Were you surprised that Ian put you on the block after he made his crush on you very apparent in the house?

Ashley: I was extremely surprised and it hurt me. I think he’s just a puppet for Dan. I hope he’s happy for what he did to me.

The Yak: Was your back injury real or did you use it as a strategy to get a little more time in the house? Same thing with Frank, were your feelings for him real or were you trying to remain in the house?

Ashley: Back pain was very real…not strategy. Very real. In terms of Frank, yes, it was strategy.

The Yak: If you could go back and change just one thing that might have given you a different outcome, what would it be? Would you have rather had a different coach?

Ashley: I would have played my role as a ‘floater’ longer in the game…and hopefully till the end. In terms of the coach…I initially wanted Dan as a coach, but now I don’t. It’s a very tough question. There are a lot of factors to consider.

The Yak:At the end of the day, was Big Brother what you expected it to be? How did it end up being different from your initial impressions?

Ashley: It was all that and more.

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