Big Brother: Last Yak Standing ~ Week 3

“Welcome to the nomination ceremony!” Leo said as he sat they key block on the table. “I didn’t expect to be Head of Household this week, but I am definitely grateful to be here. I’ve loved getting to know everyone over the past couple of weeks. You’ve all been so kind and friendly. Of course, that makes it quite difficult to nominate any of you for eviction. However, it is my responsibility as HOH to do just that. So, here we go…”


“I have nominated KC and Justin for eviction. Neither of you really talked to me at all until I became HOH. While I did appreciate our chats today, I wish you would have tried to get to know me as Leo the person instead of Leo the Head of Household. You both have a chance at veto, and I wish you good luck! This nominations ceremony is adjourned.”

Next Up: Who will be chosen for Veto?

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