Big Brother: The Yak Chats with Latest Evictee JoJo

The Yak had a chance to chat with JoJo, the latest evictee from Big Brother 14. Keep reading to see what she had to say!


The Yak: If Willie had been on anyone else’s team, would you have cared that he got ejected? Do you think that his expulsion was the sole reason you and Shane were put on the chopping block?

JoJo: His explosion was definitely the reason. If he didn’t decide to evict himself he would have been everyone’s main target and than I would have still been in the house. I would have even voted him out myself. He just wasn’t man enough to go out the right way.

The Yak: If you could have a second chance at the BB house, what would your plea be to the viewing audience as to why you should have that second chance?

JoJo: I would not have trusted Willie. I would form new alliances. I regret putting my trust in the wrong person’s hands so I would try and make better alliances.

The Yak: Having been in the house now, do you wish you could have studied other seasons more to gain a better strategy? Would you change your strategy if you got to start all over again?

JoJo: I wish I would have watched Boogie and Janelle’s seasons so I would know a little bit more about how they think and how they play. Most of the strategies you have you can’t really use once you find out what the twist is. If the coaches hadn’t been there it would have been a totally different game.

TheYak: If you had stayed and won HOH, who would you have nominated for eviction this week?

JoJo: I wanted to go after one of Janelle’s players. I would have said Joe and Wil but right before the live show Joe came up to me and had tears in his eyes and told me the sweetest words ever. I look at him differently now. I think I would have put up Frank and Wil. Everyone else is too scared to get rid of Frank.


Well BB Fans, what do you think? Based on her answers, would you vote her back in if given the option? Let us know below!

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