Big Brother: The Yak Chats with Nick Uhas

Nick Uhas - Big Brother 15
Nick Uhas – Big Brother 15

As one of the masterminds behind the all-male alliance known as the Moving Company, Nick Uhas knows all too well the cold sting of the Big Brother game chewing you up and spitting you out. In just the second eviction of the season, the second consecutive blindside saw Nick leaving the Big Brother House after a 7-4 vote against Elissa Slater. The Yak got a chance to sit down with the 28 year-old New Yorker today to learn more about living his life in front of all of America and what the future holds for him post-Big Brother.

The Yak: So, GinaMarie seemed to have built quite a crush on you. We saw Jessie following you around the House, but having seen and heard some of what happened after leaving the game last night, do you think her reaction was overboard at all?

Nick: Gina Marie was a fauxmance that turned into a showmance, and then once I began to see that these emotions were real… We’re in the Big Brother house so you’ve gotta take everything with a grain of salt. Once I started to feel that she was actually into me, I really wanted to protect her from herself. So I almost wanted to contain her emotions so that somewhere down the line, if the Moving Company had to remove her from the game, it wouldn’t be such a hard cut. In all honesty I did care about her. You’d have to be a total cyborg to not have any feelings in that situation. She trusted me and she treated me very well and when she’s out of the house, I’m keeping my word and we’re gonna go on our first date and we’re gonna go to a monster truck rally.

Nick also talked with several reporters at length about his feelings regarding the Aaryn comments, and in regards to his feelings about the comments while he was in the House, he said:

“I was not privy to a lot of those conversations, I wouldn’t partake in those kinds of conversations outside the Big Brother house, but I know outside the house, the best way to absolutely drop that conversation is to go radio silent. And for the most part, I was radio silent in the house, but when those conversations came up, I was really silent.”

Nick Uhas - Big Brother 15
Nick Uhas – Big Brother 15

He wasn’t surprised to hear that GinaMarie and Aaryn had both lost their jobs due to their comments, as it’s something that they would be fired for saying in the real world anyway. Nick doesn’t condone the behavior that both girls expressed, and he said he would have to “cross that bridge when he gets there” with GinaMarie after the season is over.

Nick believes his biggest downfall in the House was creating the Moving Company, while his best move was also in creating the Moving Company, but that paranoia amongst the group was the major reason for the breakup of the alliance. In discussing Spencer and Howard, he thinks that Howard and Spencer got to a point where they talked so much game among themselves that Spencer eventually made himself so paranoid and led himself out of the Moving Company.

Nick is debating getting his MBA now that he’s done with the game, and he plans on continuing to watch the rest of the season, believing that Helen or McCrae are in the best position to win the game right now. He’s also catching up with his fans on Twitter (@NickUhas) and looks forward to hearing what everyone thinks about the game as it continues on.

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