Big Brother Victory House: Meet the Cast!

The Big Brother fun at YakkityYaks doesn’t end when the hit CBS summer reality series closes its door. This weekend, YakkityYaks is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of Big Brother Victory House! Big Brother Victory House–named after the location’s former party nickname–is a scaled down, North Carolina-based reality game that will see the likes of twenty people compete in a house cut off from the outside world. With no cell phones, no televisions, no music and no Internet access, these houseguests will encounter the nearest thing possible to a stay in the real Big Brother house.

This will be Big Brother Victory House’s ninth season, and it will feature several of the game’s most notorious players from the past, alongside partners with whom they share dynamic relationships in the “real world.” This crop of dynamic duos range from relatives to coworkers, and from romantic partners to life-long friends, but despite how close they are, they will ultimately have to face off against one another.

Like CBS’s Big Brother, fans may watch a 24/7 live feed broadcast from inside the Big Brother Victory House compound. Viewers may choose between two cams, and they may also chat about the game with other viewers.

Read on below for houseguest bios and vote for who you think will walk away victorious on our poll! (Duos listed from left to right in reference to the picture below.) Don’t forget the LIVE 24/7 feeds are available at Big Brother Victory House!

Alan & Jon

Alan: A server and college student of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His favorite sport is tennis, and he is inspired by Barack Obama and Andre Agassi.

Jon: A New Jersey native who describes himself as self-actualized, motivating and unique. He enjoys sky diving and plans to use that love of adventure to excel in competitions.

Anna & Skyler

Anna: A manager of a four diamond hotel, she is no stranger to diplomacy. She plans to make only one reservation in the house, however, and it’s for herself.

Skyler: Describing himself as kind, loyal and charismatic, this former runner-up hopes to finally win. He sums up his strategy in one word: “Slaychel.”

Jessica & Steph B

Jessica: This former cosmetologist and current server possesses a quick wit and sharp tongue, but plans to not show her cards.

Steph B: A hospitality leader in the restaurant industry, this Washington DC resident has never met a stranger, and plans to use her social skills to take home the gold.

JaLisa & Micah

Jalisa: A proud member of the National Guard, she describes herself as straight to the point. Working with her partner, she hopes to demolish the competition.

Micah: Being a huge enthusiast of the game and show, this former third-place finisher and aspiring politician hopes to use his communications skills to finally make it to the final two.

Shelbi & Peter

Shelbi: Free-spirited and artistic, this young server firmly believes that “life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.” She plans to make unexpected alliances to keep a target off her back.

Peter: This sever knows how to have a good time, but he isn’t planning on an experience of just fun and games. He is ready to destroy those who stand in between himself and the grand prize.

Jeremy & Caroline

Jeremy: This Illinois native describes himself as clumsy, loud, and optimistic. A former runner-up to the game, he says his strategy to take home the gold is to only look out for himself but to keep his eyes wide open.

Caroline: A magna cum laude graduate of theatre, this newcomer proudly proclaims that she has met the love of her life. She proudly proclaims she is inspired by her mother, and wants to play the game as trustworthy as possible.

Maxx & Kayla

Maxx: A server and student of entertainment technology, this single (“but not for long”) guy describes himself as funny and wild, and he plans to “take no mercy.”

Kayla: She describes herself as ninety fiesty and fabulous pounds of fun. Leaving a long-term boyfriend behind, Kayla will do anything to win. She jokes that her strategy is simple: Get rich or die trying.

Chad & Brantley

Chad: He is a dean’s list art student with a morbid sense of humor and a vast horror film collection. Being an athletic person, Chad plans to lie low to avoid being seen as a threat.

Brantley: A former winner of the game, he plans to utilize his original winning formula: act like he’s just having a good time so people do not find him as a threat. He is a senior associate for a high-end retailer.

Chris & Stephanie M

Chris: A former news correspondent and current freelance writer, this former winner will use his brains and charm to take him to the finish line once again.

Stephanie M: An evening news producer who prides herself on her morals, which she believes is instilled by her mother–a woman of Chinese descent.

Michelle & Ryan

Michelle: A loud and proud feminist, this pharmacy technician will use her logic and lovable nature to excel in the game. She is an avid ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Harry Potter’ fan.

Ryan: Describing himself as dependable, loyal and competitive, this staffing coordinator and former runner-up to the game hopes to win by aligning with strong players and having them do the dirty work.

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