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Weekly (or sometimes more) we have the pleasure of getting the Big Brother take from someone who ONLY watches the show. No feeds, no spoilers, to see how different our perspectives on the players are. Keep reading to see what they think so far!

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Better late than never, guys! Extenuating circumstances prevented me from seeing the show live BUT that’s okay because there’s a lot of ways to see it. I recapped it a bit last time and I don’t get why because you guys have seen the show, so yeah, we’re just going with my thoughts from here on out.

Carrot Top Richard Simmons Jr., going into it tonight, is who I thought would leave, seriously. I am not digging this joker. Willie is going on a major power trip right now and yeah, Wee Willie Winky, you are NOT your brother. You are nowhere near as slick as he was.

I am REALLY liking Wil more now. At first I thought he’d be annoying as hell, but he’s actually really smart and thinks things through.

FINALLY! The players start to figure out that if you get out Kara, then Dan’s down to one player and could be on his way out. Britney hit on it well, too, when they talked about how slick, how solid Dan is as a player. And Janey was SMART talking strategy to Dan but dumb move talking to him right in front of Britney. Janey, I thought you were better than that.

I wonder if there IS a twist in the game, with those keyholes, COULD they be entering the game at some point? Britney, you IDIOT, WHY WHY WHY would you tell Willie what you suspect? Did you NOT think ahead that he might get paranoid about it and go to the other players. My god Britney, don’t talk…think. LMFAO, yup, Willie ran to them right away and Britney, sayng you don’t know what he’s thinking, etc. DUH, you KNOW what he’s thinking, you’re the one who freaking told him what you suspect. My god, STUPID.

Britney lit this fire, Willie lead the charge and yeah….

Joe was right, Willie is playing too fast though. He’s right, if they come in the game one of the coaches could walk away with the 500K. So they’re both right. Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department, Couch Potato.

I really hope there’s a challenge involving head shaving because I so want to see Frank’s hair cut, it drives me crazy.

Willie, Mr. Deflection, throwing himself off the track by mocking Wil in front of Britney. In front of Frank. Stupid ass. Joe saying Willie was trying to dictate who voted, how, wow. Good move Joe saying that, it exposes Willie. IT could have been a bold move by Willie but the way he did it was dumb too.

Congratulations, Frank! You FINALLY realize that you can’t trust Willie, DUH. Stupid ass. Joe, STOP YELLING IN THE DR. Dan was bad enough, you’re worse and everything is part of the game, mocking people, but it’s dumb to do so too in front of a bunch of people, the way Willie did Wil. I loved Wil’s reaction to it; I don’t think Willie’s homophobic but I can understand being upset at being mocked too. And Britney, wow, let’s stoke the fire in Willie a bit more, would you? Her talking about others running their mouths when she’s spreading paranoia too..Hi Pot!

Oh, oh, FIGHT FIGHT! Was it better on the feeds than what was shown? No wait, don’t tell me, tell me at the end of the season. Willie, Wee Willie, you are acting like some messiah guru…let me clue you in, you’re not. Okay, when he got to the Fruit Loops part, yeah, he lost me….Boogie, why jump in? Remember when you were a guest during BB11 and talked about how Kevin avoided conflict? Yeah, you should have remembered that, your outburst was dumb. Just let Willie bury himself. Stupid ass.

By the way, whatsup with Julie’s dress? She looks like a Push-Up pop.

Oh yay, question for JoJo…hon, it’s “ask”, not “aks”. You didn’t expect drama, really? Even week one? Ian, I don’t get him, he borders on adorkable and creepy. Lose the beret Wil. And the see through shirt. You seem to be a smart player, but you annoy me…as does Ashley, “loosey goosey” really? OMG. If Willie doesn’t pull a Chima at some point, I’d be surprised. He’s gonna blow, I can feel it. Boogie is not aging well.

Live vote time! I want Frank to go but wouldn’t be shocked if Kara goes because of Willie’s antics. Frank’s speech…whatever Frank, everyone has fought hard to get there. Look at your coach, he’s a bully too. Kara’s speech….really? Played an honest game? No one plays honest in this game, not 100%. They’d be smart to get rid of Frank; if he doesn’t go now it’s going to be HARD to get him out. Here we go with the votes.

Ian looked like he wanted to hang around in the DR after he voted, LMAO! Julie is right, Jenn is playing like a “Jenius” so far, she’s totally avoiding conflict. Wil, your underwear was showing there. Ashley’s annoying but she’s also laying low. WOW, bye bye Kara. That was both smart and dumb. Frank is a strong player, watch now he gets HOH. Kara going is a good thing, brings Dan’s team down to one player.

Willie looked like he wanted to throw up when Kara was evicted… the exit hugs, “Love you. Just evicted your ass but yea, love you”. Poor Danielle, that’s got to be scary as hell.

I think Kara was evicted because of Willie being an ass, honestly, there’s no other reason. Joe, you’re a JERK. STOP SHOUTING YOU DORK. My god, what a douchenozzle. Shane, you’re a pig too.

Okay, HOH time. I want someone on Janey’s team to win HOH, or better yet, Danielle. THAT would be fun, watching the lone player on Dan’s team. Seeing Willie sweat would be fun, but I’d hate for Frank to win because he’s annoying too. LMAO at the BB News thingy! I would have slept on that couch if allowed…why did people continue to go back to bed? So, Shane’s out first, HA. WOW, on the second question, all out but two. Calm down there Frank, dang. Omg Willie looked like he was going to puke again at this point.

OMG LMFAO, Frank is the new HOH. Hilarious! Willie has to pass on the key too. Now, watch both Frank and Boogie go on a massive power trip this week and make the same mistakes Willie did. I can see this already. Smart move for Frank would be to focus on getting Danielle out. She’s out, Dan’s out. That’s one coach out, one less chance of his coach losing the Coach’s Comp. Emotional move would be to nominate Willie and someone else on Britney’s team..Shane or JoJo. Willie, saying Frank will pay back loyalty, really? So wait, Willie can’t dictate to others what’s done but you can talk as if you do?

I don’t think Frank is smart enough to focus on Danielle.

Wow, Coach winning this week’s coaches competition decides whether or not they want to swap a player? I was gonna say someone should snag Frank since Boogie has a man-crush on him but alas, not to be. So my prediction; Frank nominates Willie and someone else from his team. I’m also gonna say that Willie wins POV and fluffs his peacock feathers again. Dan, tell Danielle to lay low bud, that’s her best bet. Let Willie and others implode.

Now I shall rank the players and the coaches on a scale of who I like most to least, 1 is most, 11 is least for the players, 1 is most for the coaches, 4 is least.

1) Danielle
2) Jenn
3) Wil
4) Ian

Honestly, the other six annoy the piss out of me. Joe shouts too much. Ashley is on a permanent free love high, Willie is a wannabe of his big brother, JoJo is just blech, Shane is a LMN wannabe. Frank, don’t get me started, and someone shave his head. If I forgot someone that should say something.

I like Dan the most as a coach, Janey’s next, then Britney and then Boogie. That’s it. Anything good on the feeds since the live show?

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