Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner – She Wins DWTS

In 1987 a movie was released which, for at least this article writer, defined a generation. It was the movie of my adolescence and was the only thing that replaced a heavy childhood crush on Michael J. Fox with a crush on “Johnny Castle” (or Patrick Swazye, lol). This movie was “Dirty Dancing”. And it immortalized the line “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” which, despite it’s overuse as of late, especially by me, completely fits with the star crowned the champion of Dancing With The Stars Season 11. Last night, Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were crowned those champions ending a run that seemed to be called by many before the season even started. However, they weren’t without competition; there was a great field of talent this season and as seen by Bristol Palin’s improbable run to the finals, a great contingent of dedicated voters.

Jennifer Grey danced through some horrific injuries, stemming from a decades old car accident that she and at the time boyfriend Matthew Broderick were involved in. She wasn’t perfect all the time, her and Derek had their down weeks. But through it all, they made it to the end and won. I’m sure Johnny Castle/Patrick Swayze would be very proud, Baby stayed out of the corner! Tell us what you think in our forum here what you think of the results, and of the season!