Snog, Marry, Avoid: Stunning Punk Rocker “Make-Under”

Snog, Marry, Avoid is a British reality television show which focuses on transforming people who dress radically into the natural beauties that they are. They strip them of all of their crazy clothes and massive make-up, calling it a make-under, rather than a makeover.

On of the latest, shall we say, victims, was punk rocker Mel who underwent a complete and stunning makeunder for the show. (BTW, “Snog” means Kiss.) Reactions have been all over the place, with some thinking this is absolutely amazing and how beautiful she really is, to those who think she was just fine before and should be who she is rather than society dictate what she should be. Some are even angry with her parents (shown in the clip) for not accepting her and her punk look. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

How TV Ruined Your Life: Aspiration

Making my rounds on the internet this morning and came across a video I haven’t seen before that made me chuckle. Mind you, it’s about a year old, but it’s fun and dare I say it, has a lot of truth to it. If you have the time, grab yourself a drink and cozy in for about 13 minutes. Then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

How TV Ruined Your Life is a six-episode BBC Two television series written and presented by English satirist and broadcaster Charlie Brooker. According to IMDB, How TV Ruined Your Life is a comedic documentary series in which Charlie Brooker uses a mix of sketches and jaw-dropping archive footage to explore the gulf between real life and television.

“Face Off” To Pit New Contestants Against Makeup Vets

Face_off_SyFyThe secret is out! SyFy’s acclaimed reality series hits the small screens this summer with its upcoming 5th season. Premiering August 13, “Face Off,” hosted by the beautiful McKenzie Westmore, will bring back makeup veterans from season’s past and pit them against the newbies.

And just who will be returning to compete this season?

Alana Schiro (Season 3)
Bryan “Tate” Steinsiek (Season 1)
Eric Zapata (Season 4)
Frank Ippolito (Season 1)
Laura Tyler (Season 3)
Miranda Jory (Season 2)
Robert “RJ” Haddy (Season 2)
Roy Wooley (Season 3)

To kick off the season, the artists will do makeup for people planning an elaborate costume ball. Members from SyFy’s “Heroes of Cosplay” will be in attendence. So far, Bryan Fuller, Catherine Hardwicke and Bill Corso have been announced as upcoming guest judges.

Don’t miss the season premiere of “Face Off” on Aug 13 at 9/8c on SyFy!

NBC Resurrects “The Sing-Off”

the-sing-offUpdate (March 20): NBC has announced the show will return during the 2013 holiday programming slate. Also of note this holiday season for NBC will be the LIVE “Sound of Music” stage production, starring Carrie Underwood.

After axing the show as a consequence of poor ratings during its fall showing in 2011, NBC is reviving its a cappella singing competition – The Sing Off. The change of heart may stem from the success of most recent champ and highly talented group, Pentatonix. Per NBC’s casting site (click to apply for casting),

The Sing Off is back! America’s top A Cappella competition is gearing up for season 4 of the hit series. The most talented A Cappella groups will compete for the opportunity to win $100,000 and a Sony Recording Contract. No lip synching, back-up bands or safety net is allowed; this is the real deal!
Each week, A Cappella groups from around the country will sing the world’s most popular songs, arranged and performed like you’ve never heard them before. One group will be eliminated each episode, and America will decide in our live finale who will be the nation’s best a cappella group, and walk away with the ultimate prize.

There will also be some national casting calls this spring. Check out the dates below and go audition if you think you have what it takes!

Season four will air during the holiday season, late this year. No word yet on whether Nick Lachey will hold post as host. If you ask us, Lachey should return, as should Sara Bareillis, Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds as judges. NBC is unlikely to air The Sing-Off during the fall again, as it has been announced that The Voice will air twice a year. Look for The Sing Off to air either this summer or during the holiday season as in years past.

Chicago, IL – April 27, 2013
Superior St
2744 W. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60612

Nashville, TN – May 4, 2013
S.I.R. Studios
1101 Cherry Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203

Los Angeles, CA – May 11, 2013
S.I.R. Studios
6465 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

New York, NY – May 18, 2013
S.I.R. Studios
520 W 25th St. (b/n 10th & 11th Ave)
New York, NY 10001

NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night” Names Host: Jane Lynch

nbc logoEmmy winning actress Jane Lynch has been tapped to join NBC’s latest venture, “Hollywood Game Night.” The “Glee” star will act as hostess for the eight-episode series. The reality series comes from “Grimm” producer Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner. Unlike other celebrity type shows, NBC claims that this show will feature A-list celebrities getting together with non-celebrities and playing games with them in what the network claims to be a “cocktail party atmosphere.”

There is no set air date for the show, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it air as early as the summer of 2013. Or maybe it will act as NBC’s holiday time special game show. Paul Telegdy, NBC’s boss for Alternative Programming had praises to sing about Lynch in a statement released Friday afternoon.

“With Jane Lynch on board as our host, we now have a key component in place that will further enliven the sheer fun of a raucous Hollywood party that will include real everyday people. Her exuberant wit and ability to think quickly will be the perfect match for our show which will give viewers a fresh look inside the off-set lives of their favorite celebrities — and allow them a chance to win money as well.”

Who would you like to see join the party?

The Amazing Race Coming to Canada, Eh?!

Big Brother isn’t the only reality show migrating north for the winter. Before tonight’s telecast of The Amazing Race 21 on Canada’s CTV, host Phil Keoghan, made a special announcement that was sure to make Canadians happy. The Emmy-award winning reality show is headed north of the border!

CTV Programming and Sports President Phil King noted

THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is a big show for a big network … Canadians deserve their own summer version, distinct from what is seen in fall and winter. With the incredible diversity, scope, beauty, and sheer land mass that Canada has to offer, THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will explore the world within Canada. It’s a perfect extension to an incredible brand, and a huge opportunity for racers, viewers, and advertisers.”

Right now, there is no word as to when casting for the show takes place, but it seems as if the first season, at least, will focus on just Canada – and not the world. Big Brother Canada is currently casting and we’re sure TAR: Canada isn’t too far from that milestone!

America’s Next Top Model Finale! Who is crowned the 19th Top Model?

Wow! It seems like only yesterday I started this recap, its been a blast recapping it for y’all! Now onto the finale!

So we start of the show at the runway, which seems weird at first because I didn’t expect a 3 person final judging? But that’s what we end up getting. Tyra does her usual spiel going over the girls who are left in the competition, and then we finally get into the show I actually care about as we see the girls at there first of two photo-shoots of the episode for Nine-West!

Up first is Laura, and despite her looking absolutely stunning, I reckon I am not the only one who didn’t pay any attention to her because of the fight going on between Kelly and the photographer Jez. The whole thing is hilarious, and I think Kelly is just a bit power mad… saying that, she was right about them standing up. Anyway, Laura’s photo to me was amazing! This photo grabbed my attention instantly and I would definitely stop in any magazine to look at this, even though I am not the target audience so maybe that’s not a good thing…


Next up to the photo-shoot was Leila. On the shoot, she didn’t really get how they had to sell the shoes, and even though she is very high-fashioned she struggled grasping the commercial side of things. For me, the final photo was once again amazing. It just grabs me. I don’t know what it is about it, but it is a really was a great shot. It is what models are going to be doing in real life, photo-shoots like this show a lot more potential than some of the crazy stuff Tyra makes the girls do:


Finally up to the shoot is Kiara, even though she has been rocking the past couple of weeks, Joshua thinks she didn’t bring it in the photo-shoot. I have to agree. This is my least favorite shot. Her whole position turns me off, however, her body looks rocking!


Next up, Tyra shows us how the girls performed in their nylon campaigns. To cut things short, Laura and Kiara didn’t suck, however, Nylon seemed to be in love with Leila. At the end of the shoot, each of the girls were surprised by there parents or grandparents which obviously made for some very emotional TV, especially Kiara. Some people would say it was an over-reaction, but if what Kiara has said about her life is true, I thought it was very touching. I love Kiara’s grandmother by the way.

The Final Runway

Before we get to this there is some cut-scene to set the tone to the runway, lost spirits fighting for their bodies. Sophie, last years winner headlined the show, but no-ones eyes were on her that’s for sure.

First up was Laura. Her walk seemed OK, a bit stiff at times to me, but she didn’t stumble and she worked what she had. Next, Kiara. Now I have to say, she completely owned that runway, she was by far the best walker. Lastly, was poor poor Leila, now falling over on the runway is one thing, but falling over, getting up, not improving, falling over again then coming back on for your second walk still not recovered, it’s upsetting that’s for sure!


At judging, the judges gave each of the girls a score for the whole season. This combined with the average challenge score and their average fan score chose the winner. The girl with the least points was:

Leila I think this came down to her runway. She just couldn’t be a top model without a good runway walk. In my opinion she took the best photo’s of the season, but definitely had the worst runway walk out of the final 3. Along with this there was some discussion about limited personality?

Now, with the final 2 being Kiara and Laura, who is going to win. At this point, I had no idea who was going to win. Laura started strong but possibly waned? Kiara started weaker, but grew stronger with every week.

The winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 by 4.6 points is:

Personally I thought this was right, Laura had the mix of a good walk, with good photos. However, looking at Twitter and Facebook I know that the fans are not so happy. In my opinion she had the second best photos, and the second best walk. Does this constitute a win? Apparently. Congratulations Laura! You rocked some photo-shoots, and you had Kristin’s support, even though I doubt many people thought you were going to win at that final episode, you did!

Along with the title of Top Model, Laura also won the Luke award for best performance throughout the competition on my table. You can’t lie with numbers people. What do you guys think? The right person win?


Until next season,

Much Love


The Glass House vs. Big Brother: The Off-Screen Drama Continues!

The Glass House and Big Brother concluded their seasons months ago, but the drama has not ended off screen just yet. But this time, it’s the ex-Big Brother employees, Corie Henson, Michael O’Sullivan, and executive producer Kenny Rosen now working for The Glass House, who have chosen to fire back, claiming that CBS is using “litigation equivalent of war.” CBS has abandoned the lawsuit, but the three producers are asking the court to stop the network from arbitrating its claims. According to the filing,

“CBS made these allegations as part of its campaign to prevent, or at the very least, disrupt and harass, the production of a new reality show ‘The Glass House,’ which CBS regarded as competitive with its reality show ‘Big Brother.’ Plaintiffs had previously worked on ‘Big Brother’ and then took jobs on ‘The Glass House.’ CBS intended to send a message that former CBS employees who later dared to work for a competing show would be punished.”

The producers claim that CBS knew their nondisclosures while working on Big Brother included arbitration clauses but that CBS neglected that when they sued ABC and The Glass House earlier this summer. When CBS dropped the suit in August, they cited low ratings by the ABC competition. The complaint from the producers goes on to say

“But CBS was not done harassing plaintiffs. On the same day that CBS dropped the plaintiffs from its federal case, it belatedly attempted to invoke the previously ignored arbitration provision in the non-disclosure agreements. CBS’s arbitration demand involves exactly the same claims and same facts upon which CBS sought to build a case in federal court. Moreover, the arbitration demand refers expressly to discovery CBS obtained during the court action.”

It is important to note that ABC, as a network, isn’t included in on this complaint, but rather Rosen and O’Sullivan, as producers of TGH, and Henson, ABC’s president of alternative programming.

Bristol Palin Sued … Again

Bristol Palin, the star of Lifetime’s Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, is being sued again. And it’s not even by a different person. The show’s star and A&E (Lifetime’s parent company) are reportedly under fire in a new lawsuit filed June 28. Stephen Hanks, a talent manager, claims defamation and invasion of privacy and is seeking $75,000 against Palin and Lifetime.

Hanks first filed three weeks ago when Lifetime aired promos featuring him and Palin in a heated argument at a West Hollywood bar. Hanks alleges that the incident was filmed in September 2011 without his permission. He wanted Lifetime to stop airing the footage, citing defamation of character. This new suit comes about because Hanks has learned of “additional defendants.” He claims that because of Palin’s “deliberate, malicious and despicable” actions, he has “suffered harm to his profession and occupation and expended money as a result of the statements.”

The production company of Palin’s show, Associated Television International, is also under fire in a suit filed by Christopher and Kyle Massey, the latter of whom competed on Dancing with the Stars with Bristol. They claim that the producers of her Lifetime show have cut them out of the reality show altogether.

Honestly, I’m not sure why. The reason no one noticed the Masseys weren’t in the show wasn’t because of production cuts but rather because the show is airing to terrible ratings and has since been removed from Lifetime’s prime-time schedule.

‘The Glass House’ Premieres Live Feeds – A Yak’s Thoughts

ABC’s newest reality television show premiered it’s online component Tuesday afternoon on the show’s official website. If you missed the action, you can get a full-fledged recap in our very first Live Feed Update and Discussion thread right in our forums and get an idea of what the show’s producers had in mind for our first look inside the house and at the contestants. While Twitter and our forums were abuzz with mixed reviews of the hour’s glimpse at the show under fire for being Big Brother-esque, we wanted to take a step back and analyze the good, bad and the ugly from today’s live feeds and suggest ways the viewer experience can be enhanced. You can also let the production team at ABC know how you want them to tackle the show by tweeting your suggestions with #GHTellMeWhatToDo or #PeopleInGlassHouses. Production claims to be reading that timeline very closely. So let’s get right into it.

The Good

BedroomAn Early Look Into The House | While we don’t want to draw comparisons between The Glass House and Big Brother, we do have to point out this simple fact. Giving fans a glimpse of the new houseguests in the house through a live feed almost a week before the television premiere is a stroke of genius. Fans of Big Brother have always complained that a lot of the “good stuff” is missed when we go 7-10 days some seasons before we get any peek inside the house. A lot of the introductions, initial impressions, alliance formations, secret chats are missed when more than a week is squeezed into an hour premiere. Introducing America to the cast before the television premiere was a smart move on ABC’s part to keep itself distinct from the show many are comparing it to.

Getting America Involved | Enhancing the viewer experience is also a noticeable strength of the show. Inspired through instant polls located on the website, America can “vote and view” all at the same time. Watching your votes and thoughts get incorporated into the game is a plus. If ABC’s lucky, this enhancement in the viewer’s experience can make a difference in the show’s reception this summer.

Watching Competitions on Live Feeds | Based on the initial live feed broadcast, those interested in the new ABC show got a glimpse at what might have been the show’s first “competition” of the season. While not much production was involved in this competition, watching the houseguests interact and form opinions without any editing was a plus. Granted, they all followed a group mentality mostly, but we’re focusing on the good, so we won’t go into that.

Video on Demand | ABC’s official Glass House site has uploaded VOD clips containing footage of the houseguests since the move into the house. While we might not receive a 24/7 feed, it’s nice to get clips of the houseguests upon first moving into the house before we get a peek at them during the television premiere. Cool feature. Hopefully we’ll get some game play clips coming on soon.

The Bad

Involving Production on Day 1 | Today was our first peek at the new cast and the new house. They had just moved in. In order for us to get to see their personalities without any kind of production tinkering, it would have been really nice to get a glimpse at their conversations. We can see who is chatting it up with who, what they are talking about, etc. It’s clear that they are probably unaware of what they can and cannot say on feeds, who signed released, what is copyrighted information and such, but production could mute out or switch feeds if those instances arose. Seeing the cast as their normal selves first would have given America more desire to vote in the instant polls later this week.

Live Feed Timing | In all honesty, whoever was in charge of the decision making process of when to air the live feeds online wasn’t thinking clearly. No matter which way you look at it, the majority of America is either outdoors or working during the summertime. 3-4pm EST or Noon – 1pm PST is not an hour of the day where you can pick up social interaction from people you’re trying to target to become fans of your show. Choosing an hour in the evening when people are gathered around, ready to watch television or spend time online might prove to be more effective. The show is supposedly centered around the social interaction from fans, so one would think that choosing a time to garner and build interest would follow. We won’t even go into the fact that fans can access the live feeds during select times each day. It minimizes the viewer experience, no?

A Plethora of Misinformation (Or No Information At All) | Did you even know The Glass House live feeds kicked off today? If not, you weren’t alone. It seemed that fan-made sites, twitter and facebook accounts were better at spreading the word around than the network itself. We know there is an ongoing lawsuit lingering over the show’s future, but until word has been declared, this show is still on. Under that mindset, there should have been more information given through entertainment and media outlets that the feeds kicked off today and that America’s involvement was going to play a huge role. It took up until a half-hour before the feeds kicked off for confirmation from the network to arise on ABC’s twitter account. Those interested even had no idea if the feeds would come through the network’s official site or some other platform or media player. While that is now cleared up, it did not help the kick off event earlier today.

All in all, there were a few pros and cons about today’s The Glass House live feed kick off. Straying from comparisons to Big Brother, what did you all think about the concept? Anything else you’d like to add to the list? Will you be tuning in tomorrow to see if the feeds event is similar? More importantly, will you be tuning in Monday June 18 when The Glass House premieres at 10/9c on ABC! Don’t forget to join us in our FORUMS for on going discussion about everything reality TV this summer and beyond.