CBS Drops Lawsuit Against ABC’s The Glass House

Some say this might be long overdue. Others might be surprised to hear this hasn’t already been done, but CBS announced today that they will be dropping the lawsuit against ABC’s reality show, “The Glass House.” But first … there’s a twist.

CBS cited low viewership number of “The Glass House” was the reason they were no longer interested in pursuing the case. The network will, however, continue to pursue claims against the show’s top producers who allegedly violated confidentiality agreements while working on the CBS show “Big Brother.” This motion will continue privately and not in a federal courtroom, as has been the case since May.

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From the Associated Press, CBS claimed the show copied “Big Brother” too closely. A judge refused to grant CBS’ request to block the show’s broadcast, saying the unpredictable nature of reality television meant that the two shows were likely to be very different, despite some similarities in their format.

In a statement released today, CBS wrote that “The viewers have spoken and delivered the ultimate form of justice against ‘The Glass House.'”

“The Glass House” has filmed it’s final episode, which will air Monday at 10/9c on ABC. “Big Brother 14” airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.

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