CBS: “Glass House” Copycat “Conversational Pool/Spa Segment”

Really, CBS? We’re going to get that detailed here? As we near the hearing tomorrow morning in the never-ending CBS v. ABC Big Brother/Glass House battle, CBS didn’t waste any time on Thursday releasing an eleven page document pointing out just how ABC has copied the CBS reality staple. Copyright expert, Jeff Rovin, reviewed Glass House footage from the past few days of live feeds and makes the case that the new ABC reality show is a copycat of CBS’s long running summer hit.

Read The Document (Provided by THR) Here

The claim mentions that everything from camera angles to “conversational pool/spa segments” to hair and set color to drapery and pillow colors is the same as Big Brother. In the document above, Rovin notes that “ABC and its creative team have introduced virtually nothing new in the way of staging, camera work, setting, narrative, wardrobe, or anything else that comprise the expression of Big Brother…Given all the possible expansions ABC could have introduced to the reality television genre, the producers clearly chose to replicate what CBS has spent more than a decade refining and perfecting.”

As we have been covering the live feeds in our YakkityYaks forums since they began two days ago, fans of Big Brother and viewers of The Glass House have been making comments on our site, Twitter and other social media sites. But the action behind the scenes has been much more provocative and entertaining that what we’re seeing on camera. While ABC has moved the cast in, started the game, continues to advertise and is set for a premiere on Monday night (at 10/9c), the ruling tomorrow might have other plans. As we previously reported, the judge is rule on whether or not a TRO will be in effect at CBS’s request.

In the document, Rovin has gone so far in comparing images of a blond woman from The Glass House and specifically Big Brother 10. “From the costuming to the hair color to the set color to the lighting, the look and feel of this clip from Big Brother ten is clearly indistinguishable from Glass House,” he noted about images taken from both shows.

Come tomorrow, we will have more concrete information regarding the fate of ABC’s The Glass House. Until then, we want to hear your thoughts on this whole case? What do you think of the moves CBS and ABC have taken in regards to this lawsuit? Are you tired of hearing about this case? Did you check out The Glass House feeds this week? Sound off below and in our FORUMS!

3 Replies to “CBS: “Glass House” Copycat “Conversational Pool/Spa Segment””

  1. GH is not a game it is a popularity contest…….one that we ONLY get to see what abc wants us to see. the 1 hour “game” time that has been shown has been stupid. The most entertaining thing has been the sarcastic Fembot voice! I even went to watch some of the clips posted but even they are censored for lanuage and just demonstrate that abc is having viewers see what they want us to see. I can’t wait for BB!!!

  2. Seriously??? This guy must feel like a complete and utter ass because I just don’t see the EXACT SIMILARITIES he is trying to point out. It is so absurd it is funny…

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