Celebrities We’ve Lost

Here we are in May and we’ve already lost too many celebrities. While we are aware that we get older every year, it seems that we tend to forget that the celebrities we grew up watching age, as well. It’s likely that we remember them at the age that we last saw them, so at first thought, we’re shocked that they’ve passed. It’s very sad that their lives came to an end, but for most of them, they lived a long, successful life and passed on knowing that through the years they’ve entertained millions of people.
These are the people that we’ve lost in 2009:
Clint Richie of One Life to Live
Bob May of Lost in Space
Harry Endo of Hawaii Five-O
Paul Harvey, American Radio Broadcaster
Socks, Former First Cat of the United States
Dan Seals of England Dan and John Ford Coley
Ron Silver, actor
Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, Detroit Tigers (I was a big fan when I was growing up, so I had to add him)
Dom Deluise, actor
Jack Kemp, Politician
Danny Gans, Las Vegas Entertainer
Bea Arthur of The Golden Girls
Marilyn Chambers, Adult Film Star
Johnny Blanchard, New York Yankees
Brad Van Pelt, New York Giants
Jeremy Lusk, 2007 X Games
Phil Carey of One Life to Live
Ricardo Montalban of Fantasy Island
Ron Asheton, Musician
Pat Hingle, Batman movies

Although she passed away in 2008, I have to mention Natasha Richardson. Her tragic death stunned her fans and she will truly be missed.