Changes We’d Like To See In Big Brother 11 on CBS…..


And so another summer is apporaching, which for all you reality tv fans means one thing…..IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR BIG BROTHER!!!! With the excitement building and Yakkity Yaks ramping up for our inaugural Big Brother season, we thought as staff we’d reveal the changes we’d like to see on Big Brother 11. Not that they’re likely to happen BUT as die hard fans/live feed updaters/ Big Brother net nerds, we are truly devoted viewers who have seen what we thought worked and definitely didn’t work.

And by the way, knowing we’re new, we’re still bold enough to say this; we WILL have the best life feed updates on the web and we are hoem to the EXCLUSIVE show recap threads done by yours truly. Those of you who have known me from other sites know what I mean but to those that don’t, you’ll want to check this out! If there’s an episode of BB11 that you know you’re going to be pre-empted for or know you won’t be able to watch for any other reason, well, come on in to our forums b/c I type up what happens, as it happens and a group of us gather to discuss it as it happens!!!!

So, all in all, these are the changes we’d like to see for Big Brother 11 on CBS…….please visit us at this thread to read our ideas and feel free to add more!