Former Choreographer for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Pleads Not Guilty

[singlepic id=250 w=100 h=180 float=left]Former choreographer for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Alex Da Silva, pled not guilty on charges of raping multiple dancers between 2002-2009 in LA County Superior Court Tuesday.  He’ll be back in court on June 11.

His charges include:  4 charges of forcible rape, 2 charges of assault intent to commit rape, and 2 counts of sexual penetration with a foreign object.  The charges, according to TMZ, are all from four different women in his dance classes that said Da Silva would lure them to his home in North Hollywood to rape them.

Da Silva, known mostly as a recurring guest choreographer on SYTYCD claims through that all said charges are false, and were based on people from a small town who were extorting money from him.  I have no idea when the above claim was written however, since in the claim he states “there is no case”… yet he still has a court date coming up.

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