Introducing ‘Big Brother Victory House’

YakkityYaks will be featuring a weekend-long version of CBS’s Big Brother.  Big Brother Victory House–named after the location’s former party nickname–is a scaled down, North Carolina-based reality game that will see the likes of nearly sixteen people compete in a house cut off from the outside world.  With no cell phones, no televisions, no music and no Internet access, these houseguests will encounter the nearest thing possible to a stay in the real Big Brother house.

This will be Big Brother Victory House’s ninth season, and it will feature several of the game’s most notorious players from the past, alongside partners with whom they share dynamic relationships in the “real world.”  Modeling this season after CBS’s most recent season of Big Brother, Big Brother Victory House will follow a similar format–but with some surprising alterations.  While the upcoming season’s details are still wrapped in mystery, this season’s hosts promise that Big Brother Victory House’s ninth season is quite the jaw-dropper.  This crop of dynamic duos range from relatives to coworkers, and from romantic partners to life-long friends, but despite how close they are, they will ultimately have to face off against one another.

Like CBS’s Big Brother, fans may watch a 24/7 live feed broadcast from inside the Big Brother Victory House compound.   Viewers may choose between two cams, and they may also chat about the game with other viewers.

“We’re just die-hard Big Brother fans, creating a game for other die-hard fans,” host and YakkityYaks member Alex Roten says.  “We don’t have a CBS-sized budget, so of course we can’t pull off elaborate live feed cameras or ridiculously over-the-top challenges.  Don’t expect our houseguests to be hanging from a crane in our backyard!” he laughs.  “This is all for fun!”

“There’s always plenty of scheming and backstabbing, and the inevitable crying and arguing,” Alex continues.  “Houseguests really get into it!  It’s surprising how much of a pressure cooker the house can be, even in such a short period.  It’s fast-paced, so there’s always something interesting happening.  We are really wanting the YakkityYaks community to watch, discuss and enjoy our game!”

Big Brother Victory House: Dynamic Duos kicks off Friday, October 7, and it will conclude with the live finale on the following Sunday.  Fans may visit the official website at for more information, and to get exclusive details about the upcoming season.

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