Jon Stewart, Colbert – Rallies, Apologies and Donations

With the rallies coming up, the insult heard ’round the world, subsequent firing of CNN Host Rick Sanchez, the rousing of said “insultee,” apologies, and donations being sought to restore the National Mall in Washington, Jon Stewart has held his share of the News Media lately.

If you are somehow behind the times on the whole insult thing, apparently CNN Host Rick Sanchez, on a radio show, called Jon Stewart a bigot, and said that Hollywood, including the network he once worked for, are all “run by Jews.” CNN did not take very well to that comment, and within mere hours, Rick Sanchez was fired from his position at CNN (and a replacement show was immediately put in his show’s place, that we at the Yak have heard isn’t doing real well.)

It’s a dangerous game, insulting Stewart. By doing so, you MUST know what’s coming, and of course, it didn’t take long. Stewart, commenting on the whole fiasco, asks for a “cleaner” Sanchez, rather than a “dirty” one. (I must admit, I do get a kick out of anyone that tried to ruffle Jon Stewart’s feathers… it certainly makes for some interesting TV.)

Since, Sanchez has apologized to Stewart, and anyone else he offended, in what he calls “inartful comments” he had made during that radio show. His apology came 5 days after he was fired from CNN, stating that he had spoken with Stewart on Monday, and they had a “very good conversation.” Comedy Central would not confirm whether or not that conversation took place.  My guess is Rick Sanchez will most likely be a guest soon on the Daily Show.

On a more serious note, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are asking donors to help restore the National Mall in Washington.  On the “Rally to Restore Sanity” website, Stewart asks attendees to “pick up after themselves in the name of sanity and reasonableness” and that “We feel it’s important to preserve this historic site for future rallies and for future Americans to rally on! But just in case you accidentally, like, put a beverage down on the Mall’s coffee table without using a coaster, we figure that giving a little something back to the National Mall might, at least, soften the blow.”

Stephen Colbert is asking his attendees on his “Keep Fear Alive” website to donate to ‘Donors Choose’ which raises money for school supplies.

The National Mall in Washington has more visitor each year than Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Parks combined, and has thousands of events held there every year. These events have impacted the area greatly. Sidewalks are crumbling, grass can no longer grow, and it’s reflecting pools are filled with stagnant water.  Stewart selected ‘Trust for the National Mall’ as his charity of choice.

To donate, click on the website links above. Both are excellent causes. Big thanks go out to Stewart and Colbert for throwing in the funny and the charity. Now, when is the bus coming to the Yak to pick us up for the rallies? Jon? Stephen? Arianna?  Anyone?

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