Justin Timberlake Loves Vinyl – He’s One Smart Cookie!

Justin Timberlake, speaking to German Newspaper ‘Frankfurter Rundscau’ says that he prefers vinyl, that it sounds better then it’s digital counterpart.

He told the newspaper that he likes to put on “oldies” records, from the Beach Boys to the early Beatles. Justin claims they “sound warmer and more vintage” than digital tunes. He does state that MP3s are handy for selling his songs online however.

Timberlake can be seen in the widely popular movie “The Social Network” starring, as of all things, the Napster founder Sean Parker.

This writer would like to say THANK YOU JUSTIN! I absolutely cannot live without my vinyl, and hope that vinyl makes a comeback for the current and upcoming generation to enjoy as well. There is something about vinyl… I don’t know exactly what it is, but it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, like sitting next to a crackling fire. Vinyl and it’s artwork is an experience that this digital age is missing out on.

Do you love your vinyl or are you a digital junkie? Let us know!

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