Marriage Equality

I typically try and keep these posts light-hearted or about life in general, but today…I’m going to tackle an issue that in some way affects us all personally:  Marriage Equality.  I am not labeling it ‘gay marriage’ because there is no such thing about making ‘marriage’ gay.  It is about bringing equality to all that deserve it.  This nation was founded upon the premises of equality for all, but rather than go into the legal aspects of it.  I want to ask certain questions:

Why should this even go before the Supreme Court, determining the fate of whether or not I have the ability to get married?  9 people, whose opinions shape my very ability to get married?  Why should these people decide such a matter, when after all, it’s mine whether or not to pursue such a monogamous relationship?  And what disgusts more is cretin like Antonin Scalia making comments that it’s okay for Coloradans to be openly hostile to homosexuals (re:  Romer v. Evans).  I have no words that this man represents the justice of the Constitution.

Second, on what grounds can one legitimately oppose gay marriage?  Morality is determined by the Bible, which is strictly outlawed by the Constitution under the Establishment Clause.  Second, if you oppose it because of ‘tradition’, whose tradition is that?  Society changes as does culture.  The LGBT community is out of hiding and is prominent in many ways affecting lives more than simply ‘getting married.’  We are your best friends, your family members, the adoptive parents of your sons/daughters child born out of wedlock.  At the end of the day, isn’t a relationship about love?  So, thereby, by opposing gay marriage one doesn’t support more love in this world.  That’s reprehensible.

Third, why wish for the states to have the single say?  This is not simply an issue of ‘state’s rights’ and that’s a way for the traditionally conservative states to hide behind tradition.  If I got married in Maryland or Massachusetts, they will recognize the marriage.  Yet, if I were to move to Ohio…it wouldn’t be recognized.  How can we have numerous states with their own laws, when it is governed at both a federal and a state level?  It is a matter that needs to be handled by the federal government, as it affects everyone.

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While those are the common issues, I want to point out certain things yet still that are not questions.

Taxes – joint filing.  Marriage is encouraged through the federal government for taxation purposes.  So, because we’re gay we can be openly discriminated against?  What about kids killing themselves over the bullying that is occurring due to intolerance?  We should embrace a culture of tolerance and acceptance.

So, sitting there, stating that marriage equality will ruin the institution of marriage; I ask, how?  That is a question that has no legitimate answer.  Hiding behind tradition for fear of change is revolting.  This world has never moved forward by obliging itself to the status quo.  As the Supreme Court hears the cases this week and subsequently hands down a ruling this June, it boils down to one thing:  love.

2 Replies to “Marriage Equality”

  1. Hi there. Thank you for sharing your views. While you bring up fine considerations of tolerance, equality, and legal issues, I think the main reason people oppose redefining marriage, whether they articulate this way or not, is because it takes a male and a female to create and raise a child biologically and mentally. The feminine and masculine inputs a child receives from its father and mother are essential for development. That’s not to say a child cannot develop well without their biological father or mother, but these are exceptions and are not a strong basis to redefine the rule: marriage between one man and one woman. Thanks for your post.

  2. Hi Turntheheart,

    Is that true? That a child cannot develop well without a biological father and mother? Let me clue you in on a secret: my mother was artificially inseminated and my Dad isn’t actually my biological father. If you took a survey of who I took more after, you’d rapidly discover that I am my Dad’s son and my Mother’s physical appearance. If procreation is the sole existence for marriage, then why are there still yet arranged marriages? Why even have the institution of marriage? Last time I checked we only needed to fornicate in order to produce off-spring. What about adoption? Are those children all damned because of the institution of marriage? Single mothers? What of widowers?

    No, it is the governance of social norms and religion that has created the sacrosanct marriage between a man and a woman. And what a comical jest that notion is.

    There are those that said slavery was right. Look what happened there? As we advance as a race, we ultimately learn the ‘mysteries’ and ‘differences’ of one another. Space wasn’t the final frontier: the human identity is. So I thank you for your articulate comment, but I disagree vehemently.

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