Much Ado About Nothing!

In a post Betty Boop-Betty Rubble-Jessica Rabbit world, it is difficult to fathom the uproar over Katy Perry’s dress on Sesame Street.  Miss Piggy has worn skimpier outfits, therefore, it seems that the uproar is misguided… and she’s a Muppet!   It seems a silent majority is falling victim to a screaming, crying and ranting minority, which has nothing better to do than to draw attention to something which would have aired without much fanfare.

Based on a few comments revealed recently: — “You can practically see her t*ts. [more],  “they’re gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue,” “my kid wants milk now;”  it seems that the mentality of the boisterous minority is just dripping with style and tact.  Most likely these are the same individuals who watch “South Park” and “The Simpson’s” in the presence of the same young children they are trying to protect from the evil breasts, which can only mean that: cussing, fart jokes and animated violence is okay, and breasts (or visually lack thereof) is an evil this world can do without.

Children, if the segment had aired, would most likely be mesmerized by Elmo and his antics rather than Katy Perry’s breasts.  It is relatively safe to say that if this loud mouthed minority had kept their mouth shut, this day would have passed with hardly a notice that Sesame Street was still on the air, then again PBS should milk it for all it’s worth.

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