Precious: based on the novel Push by Sapphire

[singlepic id=173 w=240 h=320 float=left]In one word: wow.

The critics of this movie are all shining about Mo’Nique as the evil, selfish, lazy mother to Clareece (Precious) Jones; as well they should.

Mo’Nique is unrecognizable as the abusive mother of Precious, played by newcomer Gabourey Sidibe. You can barely associate her with the sassy/sexy/humorious comedienne that we’re all used to.

You want to throw her ignorant mother down a few flights of stairs after she just got done being chased around in a fish tank by a hungry, angry great white shark!  Yes, Mo’Nique makes you hate her. But it’s Mary, Precious’ mother, who you want to see burn on a stake while medievil prayers are chanted to save her soul. Mary’s very ignorance of life and need to “stay on the welfare” will have you saying “Oh no!” all throughout the film. When she plays nice for a visiting social worker, it’s quite humorous.

However, the most shine should go to the before-mentioned Gabourey Sidibe. As Precious, Gabourey plays a troubled teen who is overweight, illiterate and pregnant (for the 2nd time) by her own father- who has left the nest not too long before.  Daydreaming sequences by Precious are heartbreaking; they take her away from the real agony of her life and how she feels her life should be. You WANT to be her friend. You WANT to help her.  As we go through her life on an every day basis, you find yourself sitting up in your chair and wondering what will happen to her next. You want to give her a hug and tell her that you’ll be there for her and everything will be okay. She also has a sense of humor and has you laughing a few times throughout the film. But her humor is natural and not meant to cover up any pain that she feels. They are who she really is.


I give this film 4.5 Yaks out of 5.  It’s nicely written, the actors are wonderful & the cinematography is captivating. The reason it doesn’t get a full 5 Yaks: I wish we could’ve known why Precious’ grandmother didn’t help her out and why she’s such a small figure in the movie. I would’ve loved to hear her voice more and know why she doesn’t help her grandchild out.

Last word: you’ll laugh at the chicken bucket scene!

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